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With 10+ specialties covered, get expert advice to any of your health concerns under one roof.

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Thakkar Dhruv Chandrakanth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is a Health and Wellness Expert?

Health and wellness experts or coaches help patients develop tenable ways to maintain overall health, wellness, and well-being. A wellness coach focuses on long-term wellness treatment plans while keeping in mind the patient's strengths. Depending on the wellness coach's specialization, they suggest different approaches, such as nutrition counseling, emotional health, exercise, behavior change, and lifestyle modifications. They also empower patients to achieve their goals and motivate them to stay on track.

When Should You Consult a Wellness Expert?

Anyone who has certain health and wellness goals can benefit from a health and wellness coach. While there can be endless reasons to consult health and wellness coaches, the following are some of the common reasons why people seek their help:

  • Management of lifestyle or chronic diseases like diabetes.
  • Mental and emotional problems.
  • To lose weight or quit smoking.
  • To prevent lifestyle illnesses.
  • Avoid worsening of present illness.
  • To improve general health or well-being.
How Can I Consult a Wellness Expert Online?

You can now consult Wellness Experts at iCliniq Wellness Care. All you have to do is post a query, and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. If you want to speak to the expert over a video or phone call, choose a time slot displayed based on the expert's availability for a video or phone consultation.

How to Consult a Wellness Expert Online for Free?

You can post the first query on iCliniq Wellness Care for free without any charges. Any available Wellness Expert will answer the query as soon as possible.

What Happens If the Wellness Expert Does Not Respond?

Our Wellness Experts are readily accessible at all times. But in case a specific expert is not available, another specialist will answer your health query.

How Can I Consult a Wellness Expert on the Phone?

You can speak with our Wellness Experts over the phone by booking a phone consultation.

How Long Does One Video or Phone Consultation Last?

If you have booked a video or phone consultation, the consultation will last for approximately 20 minutes.