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About "Pharmacology"

The study of the impact of medicines on living organisms is called medical pharmacology. Medical pharmacologist study how the drugs work at a cellular and molecular level and how it affects human beings. They develop new medicines and study how the medication interacts with the human body and with other drugs, the medicines mechanism of action, and how useful it is to treat a particular disease. They conduct drug trails and work with a scientist to understand the drug correctly.

A medical pharmacologist decides the dosage of the new drug by administering different doses and by noting the time required for the drug to start acting. They evaluate the effectiveness of the medicine and monitor the side effects caused by it. After studying all this, they suggest if any modifications have to be made to the new drug or not. Their work also includes toxicology, which is to detect the presence of banned substances and other toxins in blood, acute and chronic poisoning, and drugs of abuse. They also manage patients with medication-related problems.

Medical pharmacologists are expert in prescribing drugs for your health condition. They have a vast knowledge about which medication to specify for which disease, how to adjust the drug depending on the age, sex, and weight of the patients, which route of administration of the drug will produce optimal results, and identify various drug side effects and interactions. To ask questions about the uses and side effects of the medicines you take, you can consult medical pharmacologist online by posting a query.

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