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Fitness is not just about exercise, it is a lifestyle choice we make for the sake of our health. Fitness is a blanket term that includes various aspects of health such as diet, nutrition, exercise, mental wellness, and physical wellbeing. All this have to be given equal importance if you want to call yourself fit. But, such a vast variety of factors would not be dealt with by a single type of expert.Calculate your body fat percentage The aspects of food such as diet and nutrition are usually taken care of by dieticians and nutritionists. They are professionals who specialize in human nutrition and specific dietary needs associated with various medical conditions.The best person to talk to about your personal requirements in exercise is a physiotherapist. A physio is an expert in the field of restoring movements in those with limitations via manual therapy, physiotherapy, and exercises. Having sound medical knowledge, they will also be able to guide you on the most-suited workouts based on your health reports and medical conditions.There are online consultation portals which bring all such experts under a single roof so that it is now possible for you to access health experts from diverse fields in one place. No worries about where you are and how busy your schedule is, you always get instant access to a fitness expert online to overcome your confusions and smoothly reach your fitness goals.

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