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About "Speech Therapist"

A speech therapist or speech-language pathologist (SLP) is a specialist in communication who deals with issues related to speech, language, social skills, voice modulation, stuttering, hearing loss, attention deficiency, and swallowing problems.

Unlike what we commonly assume, speech therapy is not meant only for special children but also for kids with a range of other communication issues such as making eye contact, use of appropriate body language, completing the sentences, etc.

During the initial visit, the therapist would evaluate the child based on the symptoms, complaints, and medical history provided by you. They would also assess the child’s development by providing certain activities and worksheets to be completed.

Based on these, a diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan will be formulated including the frequency of therapy sessions that might be required. During the sessions, the specialist may work with the child on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

They use a variety of strategies for different types of disorders. They may use repetition exercises, age-appropriate activities, play games, speech demonstrations, behavior modeling, among others.

Apart from providing therapy at hospitals and rehabilitation centers, speech therapists may also visit schools, clinics, and homes for the sessions. They also counsel parents regarding their child’s medical condition, its effects on growth and development, treatment goals and strategies to implement at home.

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