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About "Dietician"

A registered dietician is a qualified professional who administers advise related to food and nutrition. It is not only someone with a metabolic disease who needs to see a dietician. If you are conscious about your health and want to incorporate a routine that includes a tailor-made diet and exercise program, then it is the right decision to seek one.But, how to pick the one that suits your needs? The foremost thing to ensure is that the person is certified to provide diet advise as it is very common over the internet for many people to come up with their own ideologies about food. Here are some tips to guide you.

  • Look up for their credentials. As mentioned above, providing nutrition advice seems to be a fad and there are many self-proclaimed diet experts who can do more harm than good. It is worth investigating to know if they hold at least a Bachelor's degree in their area of expertise. A certification in specific disorders such as diabetes or hypertension would be an added bonus.
  • Choose someone that best fits your personality. You are looking for expert advice in order to achieve some health-related goal. That is going to be a slow and time-consuming process. You may often need some motivation and pep talks to keep you going. Therefore, it is necessary you trust your dietitian words blindly. This would be possible only if you feel well-connected to your coach.
  • Beware of red flags. However tempting it may seem, it is important not to cave it and choose a dietician who promises quick weight loss or recommends crash diets. These are detrimental to your health and it is the primary reason you decided to consult a dietician online and take the steady approach.
  • Brand associations. If your dietician seems to have tie-ups with particular branded products or forces you to buy generalized food packs or programs, then again it defeats the purpose of opting for a customized diet plan. Unless you have specific dietary needs, you do not need to feel comfortable buying any special food from them.
  • The right approach. While some dieticians just explain general philosophies about food, there are some who inquire in detail about your daily schedule, water intake, sleep pattern, energy levels, and bowel movements before they chart an individualized plan for you. All these directly reflect on your food intake. So, double-check that all these points are discussed in your very first appointments so that you get a well-rounded plan.

The best dietician can provide you the much-needed kickstart necessary to get you motivated, but ultimately it boils down to your own willpower and determination to achieve! So, if your results are not what you expected, make sure to question your commitment first.

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