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About "Wellness Medicine"

Wellness medicine aims to optimize well-being, which is a state beyond the absence of illness. It is a fusion of many medical disciplines. It includes various methods, which is required to maintain optimal health and wellness. It considers the various factors that affect a person’s health and the multiple modalities of prevention and treatment available to promote well-being. Physicians who provide such comprehensive treatment are called wellness practitioners.

Wellness practitioners believe that optimal well-being is just not the absence of illness in an individual, but it requires a balance between all the wellness dimensions that comprise that individual. The components in these dimensions are physical, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, and social. Physical wellness focuses on maintaining a healthy body by exercising, eating well, proper sleep, and by treating illnesses. Emotional wellness helps you understand your feelings and cope with stress.

Wellness medicine aims to provide comprehensive health care by combining evidence-based medicine and holistic medicine. Physical wellness is not just eating well and exercising but includes positive choices that give you a sense of fulfillment. Instead of just treating the symptoms of your disease, wellness medicine understands how various dimensions are interrelated and cause these symptoms. For example, if you are psychologically disturbed, it is very likely to affect all the other aspect of your life. To consult a wellness practitioner, you can try using online healthcare platforms, which make it easy to ask questions to professionally trained physicians anywhere in the world.

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