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Hi doctor,

I am a 26 year old female working with a private company and staying away from family. I need your guidance and opinion for fitness and nutrition. I have started gaining weight on the belly, thighs and butts. So, I have recently started running, stretching, jogging and a few of abdominal exercises. Please suggest me with the post and pre workout meal. Is it a necessary to be taken care? Also, please let me know a few fitness do's and dont's.

I also have acne issues. Currently, I am taking vitamin E, zinc acetate and vitamin D supplements. Are supplements required? What other supplements need to be added in daily routine? Since being away from home, I did not get the complete nutrition. I have heard about Omega-3 fatty acids. Can we get Omega-3 from a natural source or we need to take a supplement for this? Which oil should be used for cooking?



Welcome to

I went through your query completely. I feel that you are genuinely very much health conscious and I like such people. Even though you stay away, you have a lot of things that can be done for a healthy leaving.

First of all, vitamin D supplements are sometimes necessary for women because of loss of energy due to work life balance. So, you can continue taking vitamin D supplement, but three to four times a week is sufficient.

Before a workout, have milk or milk and banana together in the morning, especially working out rigorously is not required and instead keep rest between three to four repetitions.

Focus more on core muscles because these are the primary supporting muscles. Weight loss workouts should be done moderately. Go for morning or evening walk if possible, which is more efficient than a workout at the gym.

  • Have a light protein-rich food post workout like cheese toast, juice, fruits.
  • Have lunch full of carbohydrates (50g), protein 50 g and fat 30 g. Every day the same protocol can be followed. Green vegetables should be included and fish if non-vegetarian.
  • Salads should be made mandatory for lunch. Snacks with juice again or halwa, tea, brown bread or walnuts.
  • Dinner with lots of protein again with less or no fat and more vitamins, like pulses (red kidney beans, green gram, green peas, drumsticks, etc).
  • You can have fish (small size), which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid. The oil that comes out while cooking from fish is an excellent and nutritious for your joints and muscles.
  • Continue with jogging and if possible do swimming as it is a complete body workout and very effective. Remember, never miss your meal in a day and have lots of water (3 to 4 liters) a day.
  • You can go for Pilates exercises like crisscross and hundreds or double leg stretch, which will be helpful when you cannot go out for gymming or jogging.
  • Sleep had been found to be a woman's best friend nowadays. So, try to have 8 hours of sleep and that is mandatory. Have your dinner 2 hours before going to bed for easy digestion and good sleep. You can have warm milk before getting into bed.
  • Do meditation for relaxation of mind. You can do deep breathing while at workplace also taking 10 minutes of break and do 15 repetitions of deep breathing.
  • Avoid junk foods, alcohol and try to do regular blood checkups to regulate any alteration in vitals.
  • Can use olive oil for cooking, but no matter what is available for the kitchen, use very less amount. Boiled vegetables with two times oily curries a week is excellent for health.
  • If you strictly follow all mentioned above, then you can find your health in good condition. Post me back with any more doubts and follow these for three months.

Revert after three months to a fitness expert online -->

Hi doctor,

Your advice is helpful. As I am a diet conscious person with a very sensitive stomach, even a small amount of oily food once in a while gives me acne and upsets my stomach. I have a few more queries in this regard. As far a supplements are concerned, I will continue with vitamin D, which is once a week (D-rise sachet). Shall I stop taking other supplements like Zinc acetate, Vitamin E and multivitamin? To be honest, I want to get complete nutrition through diet rather than depending on supplements. Please tell natural sources of zinc. Do these supplements have side effects also?

As I am a complete vegetarian, please share some other natural source of Omega-3 fatty acid. Can I take flax seeds for this? Or shall I go for supplements? Can brown rice be considered in dinner along with pulses or is it like they can only be taken for lunch? These days, there is adulteration in everything like fruits and vegetables come up with laden chemicals and I prefer brown bread, but it also comes with gluten, sugars and other things not good for health. What is the alternative solution for this? The point of concern is, we always consume some amount of harmful things not good for the digestive tract.

Are the tips shared by you should be followed throughout the year or are there any do's and dont's for summer? Please share if any. Is day sleep recommended? Tell me something about core muscles term.



Welcome back to

  • We all try to be very conscious regarding whatever we take in food if we want a wholesome diet chart. But you know, sometimes, it has become tough to find the purest of all varieties we get in the market. Still, if we continue with some basic homemade stuff, then not entirely but we can achieve 80% of good health.
  • Take vitamin D as said for three months and then you can have multivitamins for the next three months (once daily for thrice a week).
  • Brown rice should be taken during lunch. I will not recommend any variety of rice at night as it might upset your digestive system.
  • As you mentioned being vegetarian, go for green vegetables like fenugreek, drumsticks, cabbage and cauliflower. Avoid brinjal if possible as it may increase irritation or acne type changes in your skin.
  • Salads like carrot, cucumber, onion and tomato contain some proportion of zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B12, which will prevent skin changes.
  • Do not take much of supplements as of now. Please follow the above mentioned dosages. Because, as such you do not have any significant health issues.
  • You can use flax seeds (three times) in a week. You can take any packaged walnut or almonds if possible. Almonds come with good value in the market.
  • Soak some almonds (three or four) on the night with water, the next day removes the outer layer and consume them fresh in the mornings. You can take almonds every day. These are highly proteinous and will help in sharpening your memory.
  • Mid afternoon nap for just 30 minutes is fine during work. You can divide the time with 10 minutes of walk around the office and next 20 minutes of rest. It will be more efficient.
  • You mentioned that you have stomach issues. So, you should rather avoid bakery products and brown bread (2) is enough if you do not have another choice, but avoid maida products strictly. Spicy and salty foods should be completely removed from your diet.
  • Do not have warm milk at night as it might increase your stomach problems. Instead, have some juices or lime water before going to bed. Walking should be a brisk walk.
  • Remember, after you finish your food, drink water at least 15 minutes after it. Do not consume water immediately after food. Have lots of water every day, which will decrease the acne formation on the face. You can also apply multani mitti pack or some Aloe vera based face packs if that suits you.
  •  Yoga (surya namaskar) is a complete package that will improve your stomach upsets and acne problems. Deep breathing mandatory as mentioned.
  • Core strengthening means focusing on the abdominal muscles, which are the supporters of the trunks present in front of your body. If you can go to the gym, then ask your instructor to teach you regarding core strengthening.
  • Do Pilates moves like the hundreds (lie flat on back, chin tuck in, tighten your belly, bring your hip and knee into 90-90 position, now lift your head with chin tuck in, hip knee 90 and stomach tighten. Move your hands at sides up and down slowly while inhaling and exhaling. Five times hand up and down while inhaling and five times hand up and down while exhaling).
  • Do push ups 30 counts if possible for core strengthening. The mentioned strategies can be followed throughout the year. Take lots of water.

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Hi doctor,

Thanks a lot. Your advice is helpful. Can I take turmeric milk and what should be the frequency? I also take fresh amla juice daily. Is it fine to consume fresh amla juice on a regular basis? If not, then what should be the frequency and dosage? Please share some other do's and dont's for the proper functioning of digestive system and hormonal system. Does stress cause poor digestion?



Welcome back to

  • Yes, you can take turmeric milk, which is superb for your immune system. Have it five times a week in your snacks time at around in the evening.
  • Eating amla is very good, but you know every day might shrink down the tissues of the body. So, have amla juice thrice a week.
  • I have already mentioned the important facts to be taken care of for good digestive system. Have your dinner earlier rather than late night (finish before nine at night).
  • Because of today's sedentary lifestyle, people are more into stress and depression. Yes, stress contributes a lot to reducing health and other hormonal problems.
  • As mentioned earlier meditation, relaxation techniques and having a positive frame of mind will help you.

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