Editorial Policy for Wellness Care

Our Mission
Our mission is to create a platform for Wellness Experts and Patients that is trustworthy and easily accessible by everyone.

Health and wellness are terms that are often interchanged, and in reality, they are quite different. Why not step back and ask, what exactly is health and wellness? We understand that human health is a complex state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of illness or disease. Wellness enhances well-being. We aim to bring you the most purposeful, trustworthy, and accurate health and wellness information by ensuring that the content published here is practical and relevant to your health questions and concerns.

Good and optimal health comes from wellness, from making decisions and practicing a lifestyle based on sound health knowledge and a mindful attitude. Here you can find health and wellness information that is authentic, precise, and reliable. It can help you make efforts and intelligent lifestyle choices to preserve the balance of these aspects of health.

We genuinely consider our role as a health and wellness information provider exceptionally serious and understand our crucial role to give you accurate content at all times. We always strive hard to maintain the editorial integrity and independence of everything we publish.

Health Information That You Can Trust!
We are determined and committed to providing health information on various health topics. Health information is very easy to find everywhere in this era ruled by social media.

Unfortunately, most of them are confusing, inaccurate, irrelevant, or inaccessible. We are here to change that! We bridge the gap between innumerable insightful medical knowledge and the readers looking for easy-to-read content.

We believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness and cover a wide range of topics in this regard. We understand that the journey is different for everyone, so we are free of judgment for everyone seeking better health.

iCliniq's Diversity Policy
Our tent is open to everyone. We take care to be conscious and address issues that apply to people of different ages, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We produce content for a global audience even with a lay understanding of health information.

iCliniq's Text Policy
Our articles are chosen based on their relevance, clinical significance, and emerging health trends. We focus on issues that directly affect your health every day and include up-to-the-minute health information. Our content is more reliable and stands out in a medium often accused of providing outdated and inaccurate information.Having any health concern or severe illness is scary, especially before you get diagnosed. You have a million questions, and the information you get here does not need to freak you more than you already are. We provide information in simple language and avoid using unnecessary technical terms to make them more understandable and reader-friendly. They are easily accessible, actionable, and fact-checked by qualified experts in the relevant field. We adhere to a process that maintains the highest editorial and ethical standards throughout this process.

iCliniq's Privacy Policy
We maintain strict privacy policies and protect the personal data, photos, reports, etc., shared by our patients. We are compliant with GDPR (general data protection regulation) and HIPAA (health insurance portability and accountability act). GDPR and HIPAA rules help protect your privacy and regulate how your personal information is protected from unauthorized people.
We do not discriminate against our patients based on their illnesses. iCliniq encourages more people to open up about their health conditions, so we can help them live a better and healthy life.

Content Creation Process
We use an established editorial process developed by the iCliniq team to ensure we are giving you the best possible information. It is the backbone of everything we do. Our medical content team holds regular meetings to discuss and plan the content requirements for the website. They dive deep into the latest information in leading medical journals and announcements from health agencies and government bodies to social media health trends and issues affecting our readers' day-to-day lives. We also include success stories of our clients unique to our website.

Who Are the Content Creators?
We have more than 500 Wellness Experts across 14 specialties who evaluate all the content and give personalized medical advice to patients. iCliniq also has a team of in-house doctors and subject matter experts in various fields. We carefully select the contributors and train them. They make sure that the content posted here is trustworthy and up-to-date. We regularly give feedback to improve their skills. Apart from the extensive medical knowledge, they have an added perspective with their clinical experience in their relevant field.

As mentioned before and concerning our standard operating procedure, iCliniq's content is reviewed and updated by medical doctors skilled in medical editing and writing. It is then reviewed by a proofreader who checks for typos and grammatical errors, making sure it is easy to read and follows the simple language of our website. The health information is ready for publishing only after it has been through these processes.

The medical question and answers (Q/A) displayed on the site are conversations between the iCliniq's Experts and users. The users' medical reports, images, and lab tests are secured and shared with no one except the iCliniq expert they consult. We remove all the personally identifiable information such as the patient's name, location, nationality, religion, race, and all other information that can be traced back to the user to protect our user's privacy.

You also can notice that all of our latest content includes a source from where the information is gathered, and we regularly update them.

How Is the Medical Information Reviewed and Proofread?
Health information is constantly changing. We are committed to bringing unbiased, comprehensive, honest, and prompt information that helps our patients take necessary actions. Our in-house medical doctors and expert writers curate our content, and all this information is reviewed by medical doctors (depending on the specialty).

We work hard to keep our content updated by identifying articles and Q/A that need to be reviewed and assigning them to be revamped by our reviewers.

We receive feedback from the hundreds of experts onboard about articles that require immediate review based on recent changes in medical practice. In addition, our in-house Medical Quality Assurance Analyst constantly monitors announcements by Government bodies, peer-reviewed literature, and new guidelines provided by reputed societies regarding the vital changes in medical care.

Our in-house medical quality assurance team touches every piece of content before it gets published. It is verified to meet our rigorous editorial clarity, accuracy, and simple language standards.

We display the writer and reviewer names in every article and the date it was published and last reviewed.

Verified Data Sources and References
We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism or ill-disposed intent from our writers. We strictly adhere to these standards

  • All the statistical data and studies are collected from reputable journals or academic associations.
  • Recent information about new drugs, treatment options, or procedures is updated regularly.
  • All medical terms and abbreviations are explained.
  • We only take sources that provide scientifically backed information, like peer-reviewed journals, medical guidelines by government bodies, online medical libraries, and other sources that provide factual content. As trustworthiness is crucial, we source our content from domains that are nonprofit and unbiased and international organizations that advocate for global health awareness, such as https://www.who.int/, https://www.cdc.gov/, https://www.mohfw.gov.in/, https://www.nhs.uk/, etc. For transparency, we also provide references for sites that we source our content from at the bottom of each article, including published papers and data.

iCliniq's Visual Content
iCliniq's visual content, which includes animations, images, and displayed tests, is created by our Creative team and reviewed by medical professionals for medical accuracy.

At iCliniq, you are our top priority. We work hard to accompany and help you improve your journey in health and wellness. Our editorial process makes sure that we can provide you with the most accurate, trustworthy, and easily readable content. And we are continually improving this process, so we are eager to hear from you!