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iCliniq Expands Telehealth Offerings in U.S. to Include Primary Care Services and Prescriptions
Benzinga - 19.Apr.2023

iCliniq, a leading global provider of healthcare resources with operations in the U.S., U.K., UAE, India, Singapore and Germany, has expanded its telemedicine services in the U.S. market to include a new primary care tier, called iCliniq First, available at This expansion, which offers video and text-based consultations with U.S. physicians, as well as access to prescriptions, builds on the company's existing second opinion consultation and deep library of original medical content which has already attracted an audience of 15 million U.S. consumers. ... read more »

iCliniq Expands Telehealth Offerings in U.S. to Include Primary Care Services and Prescriptions
Yahoo Finance - 19.Apr.2023

These new iCliniq features also present opportunities for pharmaceutical and medical marketers who want to reach a highly-engaged audience of consumers at the point of interest. The company offers marketers 100% share of voice on contextually relevant topics, as well as ways to reach consumers via display, video ads and other sponsored content. ... read more »

Best Telemedicine Companies of 2021
GOV Health IT - 01.Sep.2021

Just like other telehealth providers, iCliniq also provides a wide array of services for patients and they can book an appointment online. Patients can also submit to the physicians their medical issues, request a phone conversation or a video call. What is special about iCliniq is the number of doctors that are available that come from different medical specialties. ... read more »

Memorial Sloan Kettering Opens Center In India Amid Rising Demand For Healthcare In Asia
Forbes - 06.Aug.2021

The India center located in Chennai provides remote opinions through video or written consultations to cancer patients, as well as access to Memorial Sloan Kettering oncologists, research, clinical trials and education, Memorial Sloan Kettering said in a statement on Monday. The New York-headquartered cancer center is partnering with iCliniq, a leading global telemedicine provider based in India.  ... read more »

Top Cancer Center Claims a Consultancy First. Critic Disagrees
Modern Healthcare - 05.Aug.2021

The entity will be headquartered in the city of Chennai, home of MSK's partner in the venture, iCliniq, an Indian telemedicine company. ... read more »

Now, cancer patients in India can get opinions from doctors around the world at touch of a button
The Indian Express - 05.Aug.2021

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC) has launched a set-up to serve India initiative under which cancer patients in India will have access to the institution’s oncologists, researchers, clinical trials, and education from around the world. As part of this effort, MKCC has partnered with iCliniq, a global telemedicine provider based in India. ... read more »

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Launches MSKCC India to Expand Access to World-Renowned Oncologists, Cancer Care, Research, and Education
PR Newswire - 02.Aug.2021

As part of this effort to bring world-class care to people in India diagnosed with cancer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has partnered with iCliniq, a leading global telemedicine provider based in India. This partnership is the first of its kind for both iCliniq and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. ... read more »

COVID-19: Indian health tech startups step in to take load off healthcare system
Money Control - 30.Apr.2021

Dhruv Suyamprakasam, founder, iCliniq, a Coimbatore-based telemedicine startup, said the platform saw the demand increase 8-9x in 2020. “While the demand came down in late 2020, the numbers are seeing 8-9x spike again over the last few weeks,” he said. ... read more »

Digital healthcare companies receiving rise in consultations from Tamil Nadu
New Indian Express - 19.Apr.2021

iCliniq, a Coimbatore-based telemedicine company, said last year it had registered a growth rate of 8x to 9x, however when cases went down the figures decreased. “However, after a brief lull, from April this year we are again registering a growth rate of 7.5x to 8x,” said Dhruv Suyamprakasam, founder of iCliniq. ... read more »

Telehealth Is Taking Off in 2021—Here Are the Top Telehealth Companies to Consider If You're Ready to Book an Appointment
Parade - 08.Apr.2021

iCliniq - This company offers a wide variety of services including consultations cover general medicine, dermatology, psychiatry, oncology, gynecology and more. ... read more »