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Is it safe to have protein shake after workout?

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Swapan Banerjee

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Published At October 28, 2015
Reviewed AtSeptember 23, 2022

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

I started gym a few days ago. Can I take protein shake (whey protein) after my workout? Is it safe? I do not have any known food allergies. I have attached my anthropometry chart with BMI. I heard that protein will make the person unhealthy after stopping it. Is it true? Please suggest.

Answered by Swapan Banerjee


Welcome to icliniq.com.

First of all, I must say that as per your height and weight your BMI (body mass index) is fine. Now you should start taking good quality foods enriched with protein. Once you are taking whey protein, it is like one-sided food. As you need more energy to do a workout, it is better to go for a balanced diet.

  1. Take 2800 kcal/day for energy demand. In which 50%, i.e., 1400 kcal would be carbohydrates and protein initially to a maximum of 100 g/day. Rest fat will be gained from cooking oil and solid fats like butter for body mass to grow up.
  2. Take plenty of fruits around 400 g and 200 g good quality vegetables. Do not take fast/junk/ready/excess processed foods. Do not take too much of cream-based foods.
  3. Take chicken thrice a week and mutton twice a week. Take two eggs per day of good quality. Add milk and milk products to about 300 ml like sour curds, etc.
  4. Take protein rich and energetic foods like milk, chana, soy, pulses, sprouts, etc., and a lot of things can be further advised to you.

Patient's Query

Thank you doctor.

Actually, I am a vegetarian. I eat eggs. The diet which I am taking is as follows. Breakfast at 7 AM along with two boiled eggs. Two boiled eggs at 10.30 AM again. At 12.30 PM lunch along with two boiled eggs. By 4 PM two bananas and at 4:30 PM leaving to gym. After workout two boiled eggs, two bananas with 400 ml milk. Dinner at 8.30 PM. Is this diet fine? Or do I need any change? Please suggest.

Answered by Swapan Banerjee


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Your diet is almost fine. But reduce your egg intake as it is more than the required amount for a day. So, take a maximum of two eggs and three bananas per day.

Take chapatti, rice, pulses, and sprouts. Your milk intake is fine. Take plant-based good proteins like soy products, etc. Take 400 g of fruits. Four pieces in each fruit like citrus and fibrous.

Take oat sometimes. Do not take outside food.

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Swapan Banerjee
Swapan Banerjee


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