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What foods can my wife take to improve fertility?


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Answered by

Swapan Banerjee

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Dr. Sneha Kannan

Published At February 22, 2016
Reviewed AtMay 22, 2023

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

My wife is 24 years old, her height is 4 feet 10 inches, and her weight is 134 lbs. She is a bit overweight and also has a PCOD problem. We got married two years ago, and she cannot get pregnant. Please send the diet chart to reduce her weight. What are all the foods that she can take to improve fertility?

Thank you, and I look forward to your reply.

Answered by Swapan Banerjee


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Thanks for your query.

From your information, I got to know that she is obese. She needs to reduce approximately 13 lbs. It is too much weight for her height but no worry she can reduce it by diet and some exercises.

She needs very low calorie diet of about 1200 kilocalories a day. Rice intake has to be as low as 50 g as well as 50 g whole wheat. Carbohydrate group not more than 150 g. Only brown rice, brown breads, and more fiber containing products like whole grains to be taken. Take more vegetables from gourd family and 300 g fruits have to be taken. Reduce sugar intake to minimum 1 teaspoon per day or have less sweets.

Avoid the following food items:

  1. Banana, coconut, mangoes and almost stop all sweet products.
  2. No fast foods, junk items, street foods, outside foods from restaurant and cream based foods.
  3. No cold drinks, ice cream, fried potato and rice items. Stop having biryani or these types of oily, rich spicy and high calorie foods.
  4. Avoid juices, but two to four pieces of whole fruits and green salads can be taken. No masala except green chilly.

She can take the following foods to reduce her weight:

  1. Protein 80 g to 100 g per day like fish, one egg white, two days she can have chicken, but only leg piece. Drink 200 ml double toned milk.
  2. Milk products, like paneer, chickpea, soy products, 15 g pulses, sprouts can be had but no sweets. Stew vegetables without potatoes, mainly broccoli, cabbage and can take citrus fruits.
  3. Yogurt and sour curd are very helpful. Mainly go with plain vegetables, less rice, roti and all meals with very less oil (120 ml) only and also have all meals without spices.

Should not sleep at daytime, maximum keep working and follow dynamic lifestyle. Yoga or mild home based exercises are very helpful. If she is not serious about her diet, activities and lifestyle then she would face more complications.

The Probable causes

Improper food habits and improper meal planning.

Differential diagnosis

1. PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease).

2. Food habits.

Probable diagnosis

1. Junk foods. 2. Foods containing high carbohydrate. 3. Wrong foodings.

Treatment plan

Very low cholesterol and a bland diet.

Preventive measures

Proper small but frequent balanced diet to be followed.

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

Thank you for the reply,

How much weight should she be? Can she have milk daily? Please guide.

Answered by Swapan Banerjee


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

As I can check her present weight is 134 lbs and BMI is 27. So, she has to reduce 13 lbs approximately, hence she can be 121 lbs on an average. Yes, she can have 150 mL double toned (D and T) milk while having breakfast and 150 ml lukewarm milk at bedtime.

Do not go for cow's milk or similar. Either D and T or skimmed milk can be had. Even she can have up to 100 g per day of milk products like paneer, curd and yogurts, which is good for her but without sugar.

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis include meal plans and hormonal profile.

Probable diagnosis

The probable diagnosis is overweight.

Treatment plan

The treatment plan include diet and exercises.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures include high calorie foods.

Same symptoms don't mean you have the same problem. Consult a doctor now!

Swapan Banerjee
Swapan Banerjee


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