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Medical Second Opinion API
- Wellness as a service for your customers

We bring iCliniq to Your Users!

iCliniq is #1 online doctor consultation platform. Users can quickly consult any of icliniq's doctor for medical second opinion via posting a Query , Phone call-back and on HD Video .

With the seamless integration, our API provides all features of iCliniq with a revenue sharing partnership program.

You can have a Website or an App to get the API integrated in few hours. Apply now to be considered for iCliniq partnership.

Who can Apply?

  • Are you a hospital ? You can help patients from across the world.
  • You have a travel booking, hotel booking or an doctor appointment booking business and want to provide Online Doctor Consultation as a Value-Added Service.
  • .
  • You are a health insurance company and need a trusted medical second opinion partner.
  • You are an employer who needs doctors to be avaiable to help out your employees anytime.
  • You have a Chatbot and want to answer your user's health questions.

Integrate iCliniq into your Website or App in few hours!

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API Security

  1. HTTP Basic Authentication used
  2. SSL used
  3. AES-256-ECB data encryption used. (Data communication over the API end points are encrypted)
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is the encryption algorithm chosen by the U.S. government for all top secret documents. Read here for more details.