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I had a 40 ish Male patient, claiming that whenever he has to pee, a semen like discharge comes out in his penis. and this also happens, whenever he saw his wife thru videocalling He says few seconds after videocalling.. He denies masturbating often. He claims he had only 1 partner and it was his wife. Is it a precum? what are the causes and how to treat ?



    Dr. Senapati Om Prakash
    General Practitioner

    Premature ejaculation.consult online for medication.

    18.Feb, 10:00pm

    Dr. Mahwish Dildar Abbasi
    Family Physician

    Have you ruled out gnorrhea?

    20.Feb, 11:56am

    Dr. Ma. Loida Ammugauan Sajonas
    Family Physician

    Yes. By History, he denies any sexual contact other than his wife. The symptoms started 5 years after they got married. Even his wife denies any sexual history with other men. By screening test, Negative for STI.

    20.Feb, 01:23pm

    Dr. H. M. Khaleduzzaman
    Family Physician

    Good day, it may be normal phenomenon for someone, No definitive treatment is required counselling can be effective and staying with his wife may resolve this problem.

    22.Feb, 08:33pm

    Dr. Dhamankar Amit Shivraj
    General Practitioner

    This is the common finding if a person is having frequent erections. Looks like he gets excited often when he video calls his wife. Also with history of not masturbating often makes it evident that he must be getting aroused easily when he does video call his wife. No treatment needed.

    23.Feb, 07:29pm

    Dr. Siva Anoop Yella

    This appears to be dhat syndrome where the person believes that he's passing semen while urinating.
    Whenever there's a heightened sexual desire or arousal there are some secretions which come through the penis which is a secretiom from the cowper's glands.
    Assurance to the patient and explaining them what it is is sufficient.

    26.Feb, 07:15pm

    Dr. Arvind Guru
    General Surgeon

    This is a perfectly normal physiological phenomenon. Does not require any treatment. Also, it will not harm either him or his wife in anyway. So, there is no reason to get concerned. If he starts masturbation regularly, it might decrease and his excitability also might decrease.

    27.Feb, 08:11am

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