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Dr. Albana Greca
Endometriosis Diagnosis, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under Family Physician
Hello, this is the case of my 62-year-old female patient. Every year, she does gynecological checkups with pap smear tests, gynecological ultrasounds, and examinations. Last year the findings were endometrium 2.9 mm, with normal echo structure. The ... View thread »


Dr. Zahidul Hasan
Acute Anteroseptal MI, posted by Dr. Zahidul Hasan under Family Physician
BACKGROUND - A young patient with sudden severe chest pain, needs immediate evaluation. The patient was obese and a smoker, so there was a chance of developing CVD. Acute Myocardial infarction is a medical emergency, which needs immediate ... View thread »


Dr. Zahidul Hasan
Acute gastroenteritis (AGE), posted by Dr. Zahidul Hasan under Family Physician
BACKGROUND - Why do you think this case is important? Why did you write it up? The incidence of gastroenteritis is higher in the summertime, so patient with loose motion and abdominal pain should be assessed of having acute gastroenteritis or other ... View thread »

Dr. Albana Greca
Chest pain when deep breathing, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under Family Physician
Hi A 36-year-old female patient presented with a recent history of chest pain around the sternum area on breathing. She suffered from flu before a week with a bit of nasal congestion and dry cough. May I know the suggestions? Thank you. Any ... View thread »


Dr. Ayesha Naveed
A 36 year old male presented with a sore throat and mild flu. The temperature was 103 F, and he had extreme weakness. I prescribed the patient Azomax 500 mg OD, and after six hours he had an episode of nasal bleed from both nostrils. It was fresh ... View thread »


Dr. Taranbir Singh
Expiry Date of Medicine, posted by Dr. Taranbir Singh under Family Physician
As doctors, we all know about the expiry date of medicines. My question is if the date of expiry on a medicine is 31 Jan 217.... Will it be ineffective on 1 Feb 2017.... If not?....reasons ..... and does this applies to topical medicine as well ... View thread »



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