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Professional Bio:  Dr. Sibananda Mishra is a Psychologist specializing in Psychotherapy with 20 years of clinical experience. He completed his Master’s degree in Psychology from Utkal University with First Class and P... Read More 


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Professional Bio

Dr. Sibananda Mishra is a Psychologist specializing in Psychotherapy with 20 years of clinical experience. He completed his Master’s degree in Psychology from Utkal University with First Class and Ph.D. in Psychology awarded from the Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. He presented a thesis on “A Psychophysiological Study of Schizophrenia.” He completed a Diploma course in Yoga from Banaras Hindu University, with special Courses Completed in 27 days of the College Teachers Orientation Course by UGC at Utkal University. He attended 15 days of Crisis Intervention Specialist Training by the American Red Cross, India Operations Centre, New Delhi, and four days of the Master Trainers Training Program on Disability Management by the Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI), New Delhi. Then five days of Training on Integration of HIV or AIDS Prevention Activities into the Substance Abuse Prevention Programme by Vivekananda Education Society, Calcutta, and four days of training on Microsoft Office, 2003 at India Business Centre, New Delhi sponsored entry by American Red Cross. He attended three days of Project Management & Administration training at Karl Kubel Institute for development (KKID), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. International 22nd November 2017 to April 2018 Associate Professor in Psychology at Adigrat University, Adigrat, Ethiopia. Teaching assignment for Undergraduate Students in Psychology. Conducting different assessments and Final Examinations. Participating in the students' Learning Sessions from 20th March 2005 to 20th June 2005 Consultant for the American Red Cross Psychological Support Program in Tsunami affected Sri Lanka Consultant (Tsunami Education Specialist) in Sri Lanka for the IFRC and American Red Cross Psychosocial Program). He provides school-based psychological support training and material development of training manuals in the Sinhalese language assisted by the American Red Cross, Sri Lankan Delegation, Columbus. Capacity as a trainer for Teachers and Volunteers in Kalutara district, Sri Lanka. National 1st January 2020 to Continuing Principal & Faculty (Clinical Psychology) at Institute of Health Sciences, Chandaka, Bhubaneswar Administration, and Faculties and staff at IHS. Teaching assignment for Bachelor's Degree students in Speech & Hearing (Clinical Psychology Conducting the class assessments and examination on 11th July 2018 to Continuing Guest Faculty (Psychology) at PG Department of Psychology, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack Teaching assignment for UG, PG, and MPhil. Students in Psychology Conducting different assessments and examinations from 2nd July 2012 to 14th July 2017 Asst. Professor (OB and HR) at Asian School of Business Management (ASBM), Chandaka Bhubaneswar, a reputed Business School in Odisha. Teaching assignment for PGDM & BBA. Students in Management Education Conducting different assessments and examinations for PGDM and BBA students Conducting different Conferences and training Programmes under ASBM from 12th September 2011 to 30th June 2012. Program Officer –TI under Technical Support Unit or OSACS based at Bhubaneswar for the supportive supervision of Target Intervention Projects on HIV/AIDS, Consultant of Care India Trust. February 2009 to June 2011 District Resource Person (Khurda District) for Link Worker Scheme Project on HIV/AIDS Implemented by Action Aid, Odisha supported by NACO, UNDP, and OSACS 1st February 2006 till October 2008 Asst. Project Co-ordinator for the Health, Water, and Sanitation Programme under Indian Red Cross Society, Orissa State Branch assisted by Spanish Red Cross, Castilla-La-Mancha. 15th January 2006 onwards Project Associate for the RCH Program, ICMR Project, and Govt. of India in Orissa (Cuttack district) 1st January 2005 to 7th March 2005 Consultant for the American Red Cross School Chest Program. Implementation of School Chests in two disaster-affected districts of Orissa. Selection and distribution of School Chests in schools. 1st July 2004 to 3lst December 2004 Community Facilitation Senior Trainer- American Red Cross Providing training and material development to the “Disaster Mental Health and Psychosocial Care Program” assisted by American Red Cross, India Operations Centre, New Delhi State of Orissa. Capacity as a Trainer in two states-(Orissa and Gujarat) of India. 20th August 2003 to 30th June 2004 Education Specialist – Indian Red Cross Society, Orissa State Branch Conducting School-based training to Teachers of Puri district on DMH/PC Program (Program Schedule and preparation of training materials, Liaison with School Authority, Training, Logistics) Attached to Family Counselling Centre, Red Cross Bhawan, Bhubaneswar Capacity as a Trainer in the State. 1st January 1995 to August 2003 Lecturer in Psychology-Pipli College, Pipli, Puri (A Govt. Aided College in Orissa) Teaching Psychology to Graduate and Undergraduate students Conducting Practical Examinations (Intermediate and BA). Valuation of answer scripts of Final Exam. 16th September 1994 to 31st December 1994 Psychologist- Chetana Institute for the mentally disabled, Bhubaneswar aided by Orissa Government. Assessment of mentally disabled children Training students on Mental Retardation 30th September 1993 to 30th May 1994 Research Associate- ICMR Project, Department of Psychiatry, IMS, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-5 (UP). Administration of Psychological test battery developed by Luria Dealing with the Brain-damaged persons.

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Awards & Publications

Dr. Sibananda Mishra's publications are Psychological Support Program Manuals Published (2): 1) School-based Psychological Support Training for teachers by Dr. Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz, Ms. Sujata Bordoloi, Dr. Sibananda Mishra, Mrs. Indrani Mishra, and American Red Cross. (Draft). 2) Community-based Disaster Mental Health/Psychosocial Care Training for Community Facilitators. Dr. Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz, Ms. Sujata Bordoloi, Dr. Sibananda Mishra, Mrs. Indrani Mishra, American Red Cross. (Draft) Publications in National level Journals of India: 1) S. Mishra & I. Sharma (1995). Cardiovascular Changes in Schizophrenic Patients, their F.D.R.s and Controls, Indian J. Clinical Psychology, 22:14-19. 2) S. Mishra, I. Sharma & R.G. Sharma (1995). Increased Skin Conductance Activity in Schizophrenics and F.D.R.s, J. of Clinical Studies, Vol.II, No.1-2, and Pp.65-69. 3) I. Sharma& S. Mishra (1996). Increased Muscle Tension in Schizophrenics compared to Normal Subjects - A Psycho Physiological Study, Vol.12, Nos1&2, Social Science International, Vol. 15, No.1, and Pp.74-78. 4) S.Mishra & Z. Hossen (1999). Level of Mental Retardation at Iswaar Institute of Mentally Handicapped, Social Science International, Vol.15, No. 1, Pp.95-98. 5) K.S. Pathak, S. Mishra & V. Shukla (1999). Heroin Addicts and Memory Impairment, J of Community Guidance & Research, Vol.-16, No.3, Pp.275-278. 5) S.Mishra & N.R. Agasti (2013). Impact of Drug-Addiction at Workplace – A Study on I.D.U.s, Driems Business Review, Vol.1, No.2, Pp.106 -114. 6) S. Mishra & S. Tripathy (2015) Competency Mapping of Middle-Level Leaders at KURL ON Ltd., Bhubaneswar, BIITM Business Review, Vol-VI, (Jan –June ) 2015 Issue, P.No. 56-64. 7) S. Mishra & R.K. Swain (2016) A Study on Emotional Intelligence at Workplace: A Necessity, BIITM Business Review. Vol.-7, No.1,(January-June) 2016 Issue, P. 29-37. 8) S. Mishra (2017):.Best Practices and Effectiveness At Workplace: Crisis to recovery- A Case Study" – published in Arthasiddhi International Journal of Management, April Issue. 9) S. Mishra (2018) "A Study on Stress and its impact on Job Performance at Workplace – A Conceptual Study, "IJMER, Volume: 7, Issue: 03, March 2018 with ISSN: 2277-7881, JISRAF Impact Factor 5.818, Index Copernicus Value 5.16 & International Scientific Indexing Value: 2.286. Articles published in Newspapers (3) 1. Stress and Psychological first aid – 17th November’2004, Sambad - The Oriya Daily. 2. Development of the family by psychological impact-1st June ‘2004, Sambad - The Oriya Daily. Papers presented in Seminars/Conferences 1) 'Physiological variables in Schizophrenics & Their F.D.R.s' at XIV Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society (Central Zone) on 26-27 September 1992. 2) 'Increased skin conductance activity and eye blink rate in Schizophrenics' at XV Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society (Central Zone) on 1st & 2nd October 1993. 3) 'Role of Biofeedback for Mental Patients' at U.G.C. State Level Conference on Psychology in 21st century, Paramananda College, Bologarh on 7-8 March 1998. 4) Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.): Its Role in Community Development for Sustainability at U.G.C. Sponsored International Seminar-2015(6-7) April 2015, organized by PG Deptt. Of Business Administration, Berhampur University, Bhanja Bihar, Berhampur. Training Programmes: 1) Three-days School Teachers Training at two big Schools in the Puri district from 9th to 11th February 2004 at Youth Hostel, Puri. 10) School Crisis Intervention Programme including First Aid & Search & Rescue, Psychological First Aid.

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