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Yoga After C-Section - An Overview

Published on Mar 08, 2023   -  4 min read


Various yoga poses can help reduce the fat present in the stomach and reduce stress after C-section delivery in women. Read the article below to know more.


Yoga helps reduce belly fat after postpartum, even during the delivery by C-section. Yoga helps reduce the fat in the stomach and also helps strengthen the muscles in the abdominal area. The weight present during postpartum is natural, but it should be reduced after some time, or it will result in severe illness like obesity. After 8 to 10 weeks of delivery, a woman can start practicing yoga. During postpartum, many physical and mental problems will arise, like morning sickness, pain, weight gain, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Yoga helps solve these problems by calming the mind and the body, which helps reduce stress and nervousness.

Which Are the Yoga Poses That Help A Woman After C-Section?

The yoga poses that help in reducing the fat present in the stomach and also to relax and calm the mind and body include the following -

  • Plank Pose or Chaturanga Dandasana - Lie on the floor on your stomach. Keep the feet perpendicular to the floor by placing the toes on the floor. Slowly lift the body from the floor by keeping both hands on the ground with palms facing downwards. Bend the elbows perpendicular to the floor and lift the body a few inches from the floor. Hold this position for one minute minimum, which helps strengthen the abdominal muscles. The plank pose is one of the best yoga asanas to reduce weight because of the involvement of many muscles present in the body. The plank pose helps strengthen the spine and muscles in the back and helps to align the body. It improves the body's posture, stability, flexibility, and core strength. It also helps strengthen the hand muscle and reduces the fat in the abdominal area.

  • Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana- Lie down on the floor on the stomach. Keep the hands beside the body on both sides near the chest. Slowly lift the upper part of the body from the ground by keeping the weight on the arms. Gaze towards the roof. The stomach should be pressed toward the ground. Hold this pose for ten seconds. Return to the normal position. The cobra pose helps strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, chest, back, spine, and shoulders, and it also helps improve blood circulation. This pose improves thyroid functions, thereby giving better results for people with hypothyroidism by stretching the throat and neck region. The Cobra pose helps in reducing the fat present around the stomach.

  • Mountain Pose or Tadasana - Stand straight on the floor by keeping the feet slightly apart. Keep the body straight and lengthen the spine. Raise the hands above the head by interlocking the fingers. Stretch the body upwards and slowly stand on the toes by lifting the heels. Continue to hold this position for a few minutes while taking deep breaths. Relax and return to the normal position. The mountain pose helps in increasing the strength and also helps in expanding the lungs. It helps increase the control and strength of the body and improves blood flow throughout the body. It is effective for losing weight.

  • Triangle Pose or Trikonasana - Stand straight on the floor by keeping the feet wide apart. Keep the right foot perpendicular to the ground and the left foot by an angulation of 15 degrees. The center of the right heel should align with the left foot. The weight of the body should be equally balanced on the feet. Take deep breaths and bend the body to the right side. The right hand should be placed towards the floor, and the left should be placed above in the air. Both hands should be in a straight line. Keep the right hand on the angle or the floor. Hold this position for a few minutes and repeat these steps on the opposite sides. The triangle pose helps stretch the spine and pelvic region, increasing flexibility and developing strength and balance. The triangle pose is useful for pregnant women. It is indicated for women after the C-section because it helps decrease the fat in the abdomen and also helps to reduce or slim the waist region. This pose helps strengthen the muscles present in the lower part of the body. It also helps reduce digestive disorders and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Camel Pose or Ustrasana -Start from the tabletop position by keeping both knees and hands on the floor, slowly lifting the hands and placing them on the hips. The sole of the feet should be placed upwards. Bend back and keep the palms of the hands on the feet. Continue to hold this position for a few minutes while taking deep breaths. Relax and return to the normal position. The camel pose helps improve digestion and respiration by opening the chest muscles and abdominal region. It helps strengthen the shoulder muscles. The camel pose helps in massaging most of the internal organs. It also helps in improving the circulation of blood throughout the body and helps in detoxifying the blood. This pose helps women after C-section delivery to reduce belly fat.

  • Boat Pose or Naukasana -Lie down on the floor in a supine position by keeping the feet together and the hands beside the body on both sides. Lift the leg from the floor straight upwards at an angulation from the ground and slowly lift the upper part of the body from the ground. Keep the spine and legs straight. Keep both hands behind the body to get support from the ground; it can also be stretched in front. Hold this pose for 10 seconds, relax, and return to the normal position. The boat pose helps strengthen the muscles present in the core, thereby improving flexibility and stability, stimulating the internal organs in the abdomen, and helping increase digestion. The boat pose is indicated for women who want to lose weight after C-section delivery. It helps in decreasing the fat present in the stomach.


Various yoga poses can help reduce stomach fat after C-section delivery. Besides various yoga poses, breathing techniques or pranayama also help relax and calm the mind by reducing stress and depression. In addition, yoga helps strengthen the muscles present in the abdomen and also helps in improving flexibility. Before practicing yoga, start with basic stretches to warm the body and avoid muscle cramps.

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