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How to Manage Food Cravings While Trying to Lose Weight?

Published on Jun 29, 2020   -  3 min read


When we are on our weight loss journey, it is natural that we tend to get specific food cravings, especially for junk food items. In this article, I would be stating various ways to manage food cravings while trying to lose weight.

How to Manage Food Cravings While Trying to Lose Weight?

1) Have a Healthy and Balanced Diet:

It is very important to lose weight healthily by having a balanced diet, which comprises all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for good health. Do not follow crash diets. If you do so, you will definitely see results within a short span, but your body will be deprived of the necessary nutrients needed for good health. Following crash diets might make you feel so hungry that after a certain period of time, maybe two weeks or so, you start getting overwhelming hunger pangs, and you end up consuming junk and then going back to the original weight. In fact, you might even gain more weight. Consulting a qualified dietitian who will help you lose weight in a healthy way and suggest lifestyle changes will help you get rid of food cravings.

There are many individuals who desperately want to lose weight and find some random diet plan online, which may have various hazardous effects on one’s health. These days, many individuals who have lost weight in an unhealthy way themselves claim to be dietitians. So it is necessary to be careful about who you ask for dietary advice. Always ask the qualification of the dietitian that you are consulting, so that you are well aware that you have come to the right person.

2) Drink Lots of Water:

Have at least ten big glasses of water daily. This will keep your body well hydrated, helping you fight against unnecessary food cravings. According to many research studies, individuals who consume a balanced diet and follow a healthy lifestyle, including consuming lots of water, saw tremendously good results in individuals who are trying to lose weight than those who did not consume an adequate amount of water.

Do not consume aerated drinks, thinking that it might have a lot of water. It is harmful to health as it contains various artificial flavors, and it is high on sugar, which is not suitable for your health. If you want, you can make a healthy detox drink, add some celery and cucumber to your drink, and some mint leaves. Include at least two whole fruits in your diet daily, which is rich in fiber and keeps you full for a longer period. This will help fight unnecessary food cravings for junk food. Whole fruit is always better than fruit juices because the fiber is intact in the whole fruit. Fruit juices contain sugar, which increases unnecessary food cravings. Avoid consuming too much oily food like deep-fried foods, as they are rich in trans fat. Trans fat is not good for your health and for your weight loss too.

3) Exercise Daily and Follow an Active Lifestyle:

Exercising daily will help you fight unnecessary food cravings and increase certain feel-good hormones in your body called endorphins, which makes one feel very positive and happy. Exercise for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily to see positive weight loss results. You can gradually increase the duration to one hour. But do not over-exercise for like 5 to 6 hours on a stretch, as it can lead to muscle soreness, muscle loss, and cramps. Too much of anything is not good. Moderation is the key while an individual is trying to follow a healthy and active lifestyle. You can try various forms of exercise, like yoga, Zumba, walking, dancing, etc. There are many mobile apps that have various kinds of exercise videos that can be performed at home and no need to go to a gym for that.

Always remember that both exercise and a healthy diet work hand in hand in fighting food cravings and helping an individual to lose weight in a healthy weight. Do not get demotivated too fast if your body takes time to show weight loss results. Always remember that great things take time, and even Rome was not built in a day.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a big challenge for most individuals to exercise as you may be used to going out for walks or hitting the gym. But trust me, you can even exercise at home. You can see some Zumba videos online and try it at home or try some home workout videos online. Where there is a will, there is a way! Do not find excuses. Tomorrow never comes.

4) Avoid Consuming Simple Sugars and Refined or Processed Foods:

Consuming excess amounts of simple sugars, refined and processed foods, raises the blood's glycemic index too quickly, leading to unnecessary food cravings. Instead, if we consume whole grain cereals, pulses, fruits, and vegetables, it will keep your body full for a longer period of time, helping you curb unnecessary cravings. Even bakery products, such as cakes, biscuits, etc., are rich in refined sugars, which lead to unnecessary food cravings and will make you gain weight instead of losing weight.

There are many products out there in the market that claim to be sugar-free or fat-free. But it is very important as a responsible citizen to read food labels properly and not only see the expiry date of the product. The product might state that it is fat-free or sugar-free but look for the hidden sources of fats and sugars in the ingredient list of the product. Look out for various artificial colors and flavoring substances added to the food, which again leads to unnecessary food cravings and is not good for health as well. Hence, read the food labels well before purchasing any product.

I hope that you really loved reading this article and it was informative for you. All the best to everyone who is trying to lose weight in a healthy way. Do not give up too easily. Follow the tips to curb unnecessary food cravings while you are trying to lose weight. Have an energetic and healthy day!


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29 Jun 2020  -  3 min read




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