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Ways to De-stress Yourself at Weekends

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Ways to De-stress Yourself at Weekends

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Everyone deserves to spend a weekend fruitfully, especially after working continuously during the entire week. Read the article below regarding this.

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Published At August 17, 2019
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What Is Stress?

Stress is mostly defined as any type of change that causes physical, emotional, or psychological changes or strains. In stress, the body responds to anything that requires attention or action and releases some hormones. Everyone experiences stress to some degree. However, how an affected person responds to stress makes a big difference to their overall well-being.

What Are the Types of Stress?

There are two main types of stress:

  • Acute Stress - It is referred to as short-term stress that goes away quickly. Individuals may feel it when they slam on the brakes, have a fight with their partner, or experience some situational changes. It helps the body manage dangerous situations. It also occurs when an individual does something exciting. All people have suffered from acute stress at one time or another.

  • Chronic Stress - It can be defined as stress that lasts for a longer period. An affected individual may have chronic stress if they have some financial, relationship, or work-related problems. Any type of stress that goes on for weeks or months is chronic stress.

How Does the Body React to Stress?

In most cases of stressful situations, the body starts releasing hormones which may lead to increased palpitations and sweating, or it may react in other ways.

Following are the health-related problems associated with stress:

  • High blood pressure (hypertension).

  • Heart disease.

  • Diabetes (high blood sugar).

  • Obesity.

  • Depression or anxiety (feeling of uneasiness and fear).

  • Skin problems, such as acne or eczema (dry, itchy, and inflamed skin).

  • Menstrual problems.

  • Sexual problems.

  • Constipation.

  • Lack of focus.

  • Headache.

What Are the Ways to De-stress Oneself at Weekends?

Life is too short to be in stressful situations. It is always better to overcome all the problems that may harm a person’s personal and professional life. Meanwhile is very important to maintain a work-life balance so that there will be enough time that person needs to spend with their family, friends, and especially with themselves. After spending five days at work and getting all drained out, weekends feel like a blessing and help to revive a person to get back to their life.

Following are a few ways that can help a person enjoy and de-stress at the weekend:

  • Read a Novel: If a person is fond of books and loves to read, spending time reading some romantic or thrilling novel along with a cup of hot coffee would be a great choice for refreshing an individual's mind.

  • Go for a Head Massage or a Full Body Massage: Going for a head massage or a relaxing body massage will not only improve blood circulation but also free a person from the tension and stress that they face during the entire week while working.

  • Spend Time With the Family: The weekend is the best time to spend some quality time with family and close relatives. People can go to a movie together or visit a close relative's house and spend some time with them for a quick brunch. This is the perfect time to build a relationship with the family, close ones, and relatives.

  • Exercise: Do not ignore health when it comes to enjoying the weekend. Indulge in some sport like football or basketball, or take a quick walk. A person can even hit the gym and do some cardio or strength training exercises or can go to watch a sport with friends or family.

  • Go out for a Meal With the Family: Due to work and a hectic schedule, people barely get time to have a meal together with their family. Weekends are the best time to spend with the family over lunch or dinner. Everyone can relish their favorite dish.

  • Visit an Orphanage or Old Age Home: As a community, a person can decide and get together to visit an orphanage or old age home and conduct some interesting programs for children and spend some quality time with older people and get some wise words which may help and see life differently.

  • Do Meditation: Meditation is one of the best ways to let go of all the negativity from the body and also helps them to clear up all the disturbing thoughts that may trouble a person’s well-being. It aids in dealing with stress and helps to gain some physical fitness.

  • Practice Self-Care: Grooming oneself and self-care is very important to improve one's self-esteem. A person can go for a manicure and pedicure and keep their body clean. They can apply their favorite nail polish. Getting a facial and body massage is also a good idea for a weekend.

  • Listen to Music: According to many studies, music has many stress-relieving benefits on one's health. Remember to listen to some soothing music, especially at the weekend, to relieve the stress caused by working the entire week. An affected person could also dance to their favorite music.

  • Play Favorite Musical Instrument: If a person has some interest or knows how to play an instrument, they are really lucky in terms of relieving their stress at the weekend by playing an instrument like a guitar or a piano. An affected person can even learn to play on a weekend if it is their passion.

  • Cooking: If a person is fond of cooking they must indulge themselves in this activity on weekdays. One must try to cook new recipes or the ones they love to eat, and can enjoy their meal at home in comfort to release stress on the weekend.


Stress or other mental problems require some help, and it is not a disease. It is just a phase of life through which one or another person has gone through. It is very important to give some attention to mental health. Weekends are the best way to get relief from stressful or professional work or relationship situations. The best way to relieve stress is to opt or keep oneself busy with some work that may help and build new joys in life. If a person is still suffering from stress-related problems, he should seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions


How To Reduce Stress on the Weekends?

Here are some ways one can de-stress on weekends -
- Reading a novel.
- Get a head or full body massage or spa.
- Spend quality time with friends and family, like going for lunch or brunch.
- Indulge in sports activities like playing badminton, football, or basketball.
- Go for a short hike.
- Pampering oneself with parlor activities like getting a manicure or pedicure.
- Listen to music or join a dance class to de-stress.
- Play any favorite musical instrument.


How To De-Stress Instantly?

De-stressing may just take a few minutes and should be practiced daily for better mental health. Here are some ways one can instantly de-stress themselves –
- For some people, just being around their loved ones de-stresses them instantly.
- Indulging in activities, one enjoys the most is an instant way to de-stress.
- Indulging in self-pampering activities like getting a hair spa, body massage, or a manicure and pedicure helps release stress-relieving hormones. 
- Exercising or participating in outdoor sports is another way to de-stress quickly. 
- Watching a comedy television series or a stand-up comedy show that gives an instant laugh is the best way to relieve stress.


What Are the Top Five Ways to Reduce Stress?

Here are some best ways to reduce stress –
- Spend time or talk with friends and family.
- Join laughter groups or watch a comedy show. 
- Practicing meditation and yoga to relieve stress instantly.
- Listening to music or practicing self-love (self-pampering activities).
- Traveling or going for a short vacation or a holiday once in a while.


Why Do People Feel Terrible on Weekends?

Not everyone may enjoy weekends. Some people experience loneliness and isolation or struggle with mental health issues during weekends. They may sometimes feel worse during weekends and appreciate aspects of working days. This may also be because their weekdays are more structured and spent doing something productive. People who feel worse on weekends may need to learn how to enjoy their weekends. An empty mind may be a devil's workshop for some. Most people dwell on everything wrong with their life or experience self-destructive urges. They may be expected to do things on the weekend that are difficult for them or indulge in activities they do not enjoy.


Why Do People Have Weekend Anxiety?

Most people often feel stressed about how they will be spending their weekends. They feel pressured to spend their weekends the right way, which makes them anxious as the weekends are approached. This is called having weekend anxiety and could be due to –
- People may hate non-working days.\
- Some may have to indulge in activities they do not like doing.
- May have over-expectations of having a good weekend.


How Can One Feel Refreshed on the Weekend?

Here are some ways how one can feel refreshed on the weekend –
  - Take a dip in the swimming pool. 
- Try activities like gardening or visiting a park.
- Go for facials or body spas and head massages 
- One can go for water sports activities like kayaking. 
- Exercising is one way to boost feel-good hormones and feel refreshed.


How To Feel Better After a Heavy Weekend?

There are many ways a person can feel better after a heavy weekend, and one should keep in mind not to indulge in activities that are exhausting –
- Take a few minutes to relax and indulge in soothing activities.
- Participate in different hobbies like cooking, reading, or painting.
- Practice early morning meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises.
- Go for a long drive and witness the scenic views of nature.
- Experience self-pampering activities like spa or body massage to relieve stress.


What Is the Fear of the Weekend Called?

The fear of the weekend is called weekend anxiety or weekend phobia, in which the person feels stressed as the weekend approaches. Weekend fear is a very new concept, and modern-age norms and social media platforms play an important role in creating weekend phobias. Causes of weekend phobias include –
- People may not enjoy non-working days and enjoy working on weekends.
- Some may have to indulge in activities they do not like doing. For example, children who fear water activities may have weekend swimming classes.
- May have over-expectations of having a good weekend and watching other people have fun on weekends.
- People may need to learn how to enjoy their weekends.


Is It Normal to Dislike Weekends?

It is not unusual to dislike weekends as more people feel lonely and do not know how to enjoy their weekends. Modern times have made people more anti-social and distant from each other, and more people usually end up showing signs of depression and anxiety as weekends approach. Watching other people have fun and travel to new cities makes one feel jealous, fear of missing out, and lonely. One naturally tends to dread the weekends and find working on weekends a better idea to keep themselves occupied. Most people with anxiety and depression disorders dread weekends, and since mental health cases are on the rise, it seems days are not far when people normalize weekend anxiety.


How To Have A Productive and Relaxing Weekend?

Here are some ways to have a relaxing yet productive weekend –
- Try to finish all the work before the weekend to enjoy a stress-free weekend.
- Stay away from social media, emails, and work pressures. Instead, indulge in healthier activities like outdoor sports or gym activities.
- Read a book or take up a new skill or academic course.
- Draw, paint, sketch, cook, or bake to improve your creative skills.
- Just sit by the window and witness the scenic views of nature.


How To Get Back on Track After an Unhealthy Weekend?

- Try to eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Include proteins, fibers, and fruits in your diet.
- Include fluids like juices and healthy soups.
- Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
- Have a good eight-hour sleep.
- Exercise to burn out the calories from your body.


What Do Introverts Do on the Weekends?

Introverts mostly like to spend their time at home or by themselves. Introverts usually spend their weekends in self-activities and do not enjoy socializing or group activities. Here are some ways an introvert can spend their weekend –
- Cooking or baking. 
- Watch a television show or movies.
- Read books of their interest.
- Do some cleaning activities.
- Finish up household chores.
- Exercise and other fitness activities at home.


What Is Sunday Syndrome?

The "Sunday Scaries" is the dread or anxiety that comes over some people on Sunday evenings when they realize they must go back to work the next day. Even though there's still plenty of time left on the weekend, the thought of facing another workweek can be overwhelming. Sunday syndrome usually occurs when people experience work pressures and are overburdened with work stress. Here are a few tips to help one relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
- Make a plan for the week ahead. Knowing what to do and when to do it can help reduce stress and make the week more manageable.
- Spend time with friends or family. People must stay around their beloved ones.
- Do something interesting. Whether reading, taking a walk, or watching a favorite TV show, taking time for oneself can help one relax and remember that there is more to life than work.
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