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Ways to Overcome Loneliness

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Ways to Overcome Loneliness

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It is quite natural to feel lonely at some point or the other. But, extreme loneliness is bad for your health. There are many ways to overcome loneliness. In this article, I would be discussing the same.

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Published At August 4, 2020
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The following are various ways to overcome loneliness:

1) Always Be Positive:

People start feeling lonely when they begin to think that they have no one by their side and that no one loves them. First of all, all these negative thoughts are leading one to feel lonely. Be positive, and always turn every negative situation into a positive one. If any negative thinking comes to your mind, tell your mind that you will think about it later. Procrastinate those thoughts. And soon, you will fill your mind with positive thoughts and forget about those things that are bothering you. When you feel positive, every negative situation turns out into a positive one.

2) Keep Yourself Engaged and Busy:

It is often said that "An empty mind is a devil's workshop," which is absolutely true. When you have nothing to do, your mind starts having unnecessary thoughts. Instead, keep yourself engaged and busy so that you do not feel negative and lonely. Build a hobby for yourself. Start sketching or learn to play a new instrument if you love music. Some individuals love to write or read books. You can read books to gain some knowledge or information or to bust your stress. If you like fiction, you can also read various types of fiction novels. It will help you overcome the loneliness that you are feeling within you.

3) Watch a Movie:

Learn various ways to enjoy life. Life is beautiful. Right from observing nature to listening to the beautiful sounds of birds, it acts as a stress buster. Whenever you have no one to talk to or are feeling very bored and lonely, switch on the television and watch your favorite show that is going on. Watching comedy films or shows have a very positive impact on one's mental health.

4) Talk to a Person Who Is Trustworthy and Close to Your Heart:

If you feel close to a family member or a school friend or the person you are in a relationship with, you can always share your feelings with at least one person you trust. You will feel light, and it will help you overcome the feeling of loneliness. During the lockdown, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals who are especially staying alone feel extreme loneliness. There are various national helplines to help such individuals. Please do not ignore your mental health. It is as important as your physical health.

5) Write Down Your Feelings:

Sometimes, when you feel too burdened with negative thoughts and lonely and have no one to share your feelings with, you can always pen down your feelings on paper or maintain a personal diary. You will feel very light as if you have shared your feelings with someone. You can always go in for professional guidance from a certified psychologist who will help you overcome the extreme feelings of loneliness and depression that you are going through. Some people have a very bad misconception that individuals only visit a psychologist if they are mad. This is absolutely not true. Everyone goes through a bad phase in life, and some might need professional mentors to help them get out of it.

6) Always Focus on Being Happy:

If dancing makes you feel happy, go for it! There are many videos available online on various social media sites that teach you various forms of dance that will make your body release "endorphins," which are the feel-good hormones that will help you overcome the feeling of loneliness. You should always do things that make you feel happy. Some individuals love to learn different styles or hairstyles or personal grooming styles. You can learn different styles and practice it on yourself or on others. You can even start your own blog and help others learn those new techniques. It will give you a sense of satisfaction and keep yourself occupied. Thus, depleting the negative thoughts that are going on in your mind.

7) Pray:

Praying gives a different sense of satisfaction. Even if no one is by your side, God is always there with you and will never leave your side. Leave all your worries and problems to God and believe that better days are about to come. Trust him. He will work miracles and wonders and eradicate the feeling of loneliness and depression that is within you. It does not matter to which religion you belong to. You can always read the holy book of your religion every day. It will teach you how to live your life.

8) Learn to Practice the Art of Forgiveness:

We all are human beings. No one is perfect. If someone has hurt you or let you down, learn to practice the art of forgiveness for your inner peace. It will make you feel light and eradicate the feeling of negativeness and hatred that is within you. If you expect to be forgiven for being imperfect, you need to forgive your neighbors first. Life is all about forgiving and forgetting about the negative things that have occurred in the past and moving on. The more you let your past haunt you, the more it will destroy your coming future. Hence, never keep grudges. You will then lead a happy and successful life.

Keep smiling, and always be happy. Each individual is like a candle full of light. Share that light with others. No one lights a candle and then hides it under a bowl. Instead, the light is shared with everyone. Always be positive. The light in you reflects the aura that you share with others. I hope that this article was quite helpful to overcome the feeling of loneliness and depression that you are going through.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Cure for Loneliness?

- You can follow the following tips to overcome loneliness:
- You can adopt a pet dog or a cat. They will keep you happy and busy.
- You can hang out with friends to have a heart to heart talk.
- You can volunteer for an event in your neighborhood.
- Spend more time on your favorite hobbies.
- Connect with your friends on social media.
- Go for a walk with your friends or relatives. The fresh air will make you feel activated.


How Do You Overcome Loneliness in Social Isolation?

Loneliness can be a hard life-threatening condition because it is known to disrupt an individual's mental and emotional balance. It makes an individual feel rejected. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective psychological technique to guide people with loneliness. In some patients, the doctors will recommend selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to treat long term loneliness.


How Do I Survive Being Alone?

You can involve yourself in an activity that interests you. You might try cooking something new. Reading books is an interesting diversion. You can start an exercise regimen. Meditation will help you become fresh and strong. Practicing all healthy habits can help you survive loneliness.


What Makes an Individual Lonely?

The most important factor that makes a person lonely has a situation where you have nobody to talk to. This will make the people lament over their sadness in a deep manner. Staying isolated without any emotional and physical connection will make an individual lonely.


How Much Time Alone Is Healthy for You?

It is very healthy when an individual spends around 20 to 30 minutes alone every day. This will make the person overcome stressful and burnout situations. This time will also serve as a self-love period. It is known to increase the happiness and satisfaction level of an individual.


Can Loneliness Alter Your Personality?

Yes, loneliness can alter your personality. It will make a person lose decision-making abilities and will cause a reduced level of focus. The person will lose the potential to concentrate, and the thinking ability will be altered. The end result could be mental health disorders and depression in some patients.


Can Loneliness Make You Insane?

Yes, loneliness can make you insane. Loneliness is very harmful, like smoking and obesity. It causes severe depression and aggressive behaviors. There are no chances for the individual to get hypertension also.


What Does It Feel Like to Be Lonely?

Some people really enjoy being alone. It might be considered as an act of self-love. They feel they have got lots of time to do the things they love. If the individual stays with such a mentality, then it is healthy. If a patient suffers mental disturbances, it might push a person to an abnormal condition.


What Does Loneliness Do to the Brain?

Loneliness will affect the sharpness of the brain. The ability of the brain to process the information rapidly is lost. Loneliness increases the risk of dementia. People who are lonely will develop extreme negative thinking. You can get help from a psychologist if you are suffering from severe loneliness.


Does Everyone Get Lonely?

Yes, everyone gets lonely at some point in their life. Especially when there are pandemic situations, social isolation has caused loneliness in many people. It is restricting the individual to interact with others socially. Once your interaction or communication with others is stopped, it will result in mood instabilities in many people.


How Does Loneliness Affect the Human Body?

Loneliness has a direct negative influence on the brain. It gradually reduces the memory capacity of an individual. The immune functions get weak, and the person becomes more susceptible to hypertension. These people are also connected to a high risk of hypertension and other health conditions.


How to Help Someone Who Is Sad?

Family members can help them by constantly communicating with the sad person through online conversation. If the person who is sad lives nearby, then you can visit them to have a friendly chat. If you are very far away from that person, then video calls could be effective for communication. If you feel the person is suffering from severe depressive episodes, they would require a psychologist's counseling session.


What Can You Do When You Are Lonely?

You can change your daily routine to overcome loneliness. Doing exercises and yoga will lead you to a healthy lifestyle. Engage yourself in activities that keep you happy. Communicate with your friends to improve your mood status.


What Happens if You Spend Too Much Time Alone?

If you spend too much time alone, you will get fatigued. A loss of social interaction is not physically healthy. If you are in a situation to stay lonely, then you should come out of the comfort zone and adapt a few productive habits so that loneliness does not negatively affect you.
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