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How Does Breastfeeding Impact Sex Life?

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How Does Breastfeeding Impact Sex Life?

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Breastfeeding can affect a woman’s sex drive. This article delivers knowledge about breastfeeding and sexuality.

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Dr. Sonal Prasad

Published At July 6, 2022
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During the lactation phase, women undergo numerous changes in their bodies. The secretion of various hormones in a woman’s body transforms their body shape and affects their emotional health. All these changes are helping the mother with milk secretion for breastfeeding their newborn babies. It has an impact on sexual life as well. In addition, the physical changes in the body during the lactation period, lack of sleep, and the need to satisfy when it comes to caring for young children can affect a mother's life. The sexual drive of all mothers varies; some mothers may feel increased desire, and some will have no desire at all. Few studies claim that the frequency of sexual intercourse is typically low during the first few months of breastfeeding.

What Impact Does Breastfeeding Have On Sex Life?

The sex drive could be affected in a breastfeeding mother. The reason contributing to this is the falling level of estrogen hormone that makes the mother feel dryer than usual and lowered progesterone level that lowers their libido. All of these factors inhibit sexual desire.

Oxytocin hormone is released in a breastfeeding mother as well as when they have an orgasm. This can be the reason why they may not feel the same about the need for sex. Instead, they may develop affection from that midnight breastfeeding.

  • Breastfeeding Can Make Them Feel Orgasm: The release of oxytocin hormone while breastfeeding can cause sensations similar to orgasm by causing intense contractions of the uterus. The nipple stimulation during a sexual activity may lead to intense pleasure. It is called boob gasm. The boob gasm is the same as genital orgasm. Many breastfeeding mothers describe breastfeeding as erotic, and these feelings are entirely normal.

  • The Mother May Notice the Release of Milk During Sex: Milk release during sex is commonly experienced by many mothers. The oxytocin hormone causes these milk spurts, as the body releases oxytocin when they orgasm, similar to breastfeeding. However, if it bothers them, they may plan to breastfeed their baby before they have sex so that their breasts are not that full when they have sex. They may use pads inside their bra to prevent milk leakage from their breast.

  • The Appearance of the Breast May Be Different: The mothers may notice that their breasts are no longer giving them as much sexual pleasure as usual. They might be experiencing pain or tenderness in their breasts and nipples. They may also tend to avoid touching their breasts. All these feelings are normal, but the mothers need to mention them to their partners correctly. Their partner may help deal with it differently; they may try light stroking their breast using the back or palm of their hands. Gently swaying and licking nipples have worked for a lot of breastfeeding women.

  • The Nipples May Release Milk if Stimulated: There are chances that the nipple may release milk if the partner sucks on the nipples. It is called nipple sex, breastfeeding sex, or lactating sex. Breastfeeding, lactating, or nipple sex provides intense pleasure to the mother, just the same as the genital sex. Unlike the milk of other mammals, breast milk is sweet to taste. It is because of its natural milk sugar content. Some couples enjoy incorporating breast milk into sex.

How to Increase Sex Drive While Breastfeeding?

The bodily changes, disturbed sleep patterns, and concern about the child can be worrisome for most mothers. It is normal to experience less desire for sex, and all of these can affect intimacy between the mother and their partner. Most parents encounter the same problems, especially when they are new parents. If the couple is facing these challenges as new parents, these tips may be helpful for them to reconnect and become intimate with each other.

  • Spending Time Together: When the mother is a new parent, they handle many responsibilities and may not have a minute to spare for each other. It is a common complaint of many partners. Managing all these sets them apart, but make spending time with their partner a priority. It will help them and their partner re-establish the relationship and sexual passion.

  • Kissing the Partner: Kissing may make them feel aroused again and stimulate sexual activities that can help them maintain intimacy with their partner.

  • Care: While the mother is breastfeeding, they are handling a lot of the hormonal changes, body needs, lack of sleep, and many more. This is when they need lots of support from their family, especially from their partner. The best way to handle all these things is to be honest with their partner about their needs. Even small gestures of love, care, and support can help develop their relationship with their partner.

  • The Need to Take Care of Themselves: There might be times when they feel weak and too lazy to carry out small household activities. Even going to the bathroom may be a difficult task for them. However, some moderate exercise on advice from their doctor can make them feel active, desirable, and more passionate. Practicing regular exercise can boost their mental as well as sexual health.

  • Share Love and Affection: They can share love in many other ways while healing. Talking, spending time together, kissing, hugging, and holding hands might be helpful for them.

Why Does Breastfeeding Feel So Good?

Breastfeeding feels so good due to the release of hormones. It is also called the feel-good hormone. It elevates the sexual pleasure. The factors that can give a pleasurable experience associated with breastfeeding are as follows:

  • Oxytocin hormone release during breastfeeding creates an emotional connection between the mother and the baby.

  • Prolactin hormone production is associated with the feeling of relaxation and milk production.

  • The physical closeness during breastfeeding contributes to comfort and a sense of warmth.

  • Endorphins are associated with the sense of pleasure.


Breastfeeding changes the body's hormone levels, which leads to sexual changes in many breastfeeding mothers. The release of oxytocin during sexual orgasm is also responsible for the let-down reflex when the baby sucks the nipples while breastfeeding. That is why it is common to experience a leak or squirt of breastmilk when sexually aroused. The production of breast milk is increased by prolactin hormone secretion, which again is responsible for causing a decrease in libido. People should consider a consultation with their healthcare professional if they are experiencing sexual changes that make them uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Breastfeeding Affect Sex?

Some women experience changes in their sexuality as a result of breastfeeding's effects on hormone levels in the body. Oxytocin, estrogen, and prolactin, in particular, are involved in arousal as well as lactation. A reduction in libido might result from a rise in prolactin, which is increased to create breast milk.


Does Discontinuing Breastfeeding Have an Effect on Sex Drive?

A surge in estrogen is a side effect of post-weaning. Many emotional swings brought on by this increase in estrogen may have an impact on libido.


What Are the Advantages of Having Sex While Breastfeeding?

The powerful uterine contractions brought on by the release of the oxytocin hormone during nursing can resemble an orgasm. It is common for nursing mothers to describe the act as erotic, and these emotions are completely natural and anticipated.


How To Boost Sexual Power?

The following may all help increase energy and enhance sexual desire.
- Putting self-care first.
- Getting enough sleep.
- Drinking plenty of water. 


Breastfeeding Is Pleasurable for Mothers.

The mother will feel pleased and at ease when nursing her baby. Elevated prolactin and oxytocin have the effect of causing a mother to enjoy breastfeeding and her interactions with her infant greatly.


What Is Considered Normal Sexual Timing?

Overall, it seems that during the initial nursing months, sexual activity is often not very frequent. Standard sexual timing typically, vaginal sex lasts between three and seven minutes.


What Makes Breasts Feel So Good?

Most women enjoy the stimulation their breasts provide since they are an essential erogenous zone in the female anatomy, which is why they feel so nice. Nerve impulses from stimulating, stroking, or even just holding breasts cause the brain to produce oxytocin, sometimes known as the "cuddle hormone."


How Long Can a Woman Go Without Sex?

There are many people who go years without having sex since one cannot go one week without having sex. Everything is contingent upon their tastes and how much importance they place on having sex.


What Are the Symptoms of a Lack of Sex?

- They may have increased anxiety.
- Their heart may be underperforming.
- Their immune system may deteriorate.
- Their prostate may be in poor health.
- They might get less sleep.


What Is the Significance of Sex to Men?

Sexual connection is most satisfying to men in committed relationships. It is a bodily expression of love and affection. It is also a method of releasing tension.


What Factors Contribute to a Girl’s Attractiveness?

Things about Women that are quite appealing:
- Kindness.
- Positive attitude and a sense of humor.
- Being confident and passionate about her sexuality.
- Decisiveness.


What Happens to a Lady After Sex?

Women may experience uterine cramping thereafter. Physical contact or sexual activity causes the release of oxytocin, which produces uterine contractions.


What Draws a Man to a Lady Over Time?

Men favor women who can maintain their composure. When women are tidy and clean, males find them more attractive. Women who smell well, have tidy hair, and have moisturized skin are more attractive to males than those whose faces are flawlessly painted.


What Causes a Man to Fall in Love With a Woman?

In order for a man to fall in love with a woman, there must be physical attraction, sexual compatibility, empathy, and an emotional connection.


What Do Guys Most Want in a Relationship?

Guys desire love just as much as women do. Nonetheless, they all mostly seek friendship, connection, and chemistry.
Dr. Sonal Prasad
Dr. Sonal Prasad

Obstetrics and Gynecology


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