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Weight Management Exercises During Lockdown

Published on Mar 09, 2022 and last reviewed on Mar 12, 2022   -  5 min read


The article revolves around the issues faced by people about weight gain and how to maintain it during this pandemic by following some workout sessions at home.


What Is the Impact of the Pandemic on Body Weight?

The current scenario across the globe is something that nobody had ever thought would occur. The entire human community is under lockdown at their places with less exposure to the outer world. Hence, minimal exposure to recreational activities, inability to go out for walking or jogging, spending time with friends, and most importantly, youth and health enthusiasts find it difficult to work out with the closed gyms. So, remaining home-bound and experimenting in the kitchen with different delicacies definitely adds to those extra calories found around the major body parts. Women are more inclined towards gaining weight.

What Home-Based Exercises Can Help in Weight Loss?

Let us discuss some home-based exercises that can help you lose weight which is fun and can be done every day.

1. Squats:

These are well-known forms of exercise that can be done with many modifications. Stand straight with both legs parallel to each other and hands clasped upon each other. Now try to bend your knee and maintain a half-sitting posture like on a chair. You can do it with an average intensity or do the dynamic version (faster with music), whichever suits you.

2. Kick Movement:

Kicking movement reduces fat accumulation at the side of the pelvic region and shapes up the thigh muscles. There are various ways of kicking exercises that can be performed. ·

3. Quadruped Leg Lift:

In this type of exercise, place yourself in the position of four, that is, support your trunk with your hand and knee like an animal. Now, lift your right leg upward with the knee bent to 90 degrees. Repeat with the other leg. It improves the contour of the buttock muscle and pelvic area, reducing extra fat deposits.

4. V Box or Modified V Box:

It is an exciting form of pilates moves that can be practiced with music as well. Stand with your legs wide apart, with an angle of 30 to 35 degrees. Now move forward and place your one leg in front, making the shape of the alphabet “V.” Repeat it for the other leg. Do it one leg after the other. In the case of a modified V box, place your leg wide apart. Now move your one leg forward and jump back by hoping twice to complete the “V” shape. You can use music and start doing it faster by counting the rhythm.

5. Lunges:

Stand with legs wide apart. Now place hands at the side of the trunk. Keep your right leg in front by bending the knee to 90 degrees while stretching back the other leg. Repeat the same pattern on the other leg as well. The lunges can also be done with side stretches of the legs with hands wide open at the side at 90 degrees.

6. Marching:

It can be done in the warm-up phase, before initiating all other exercises, and can also be done after completing the activities to help you relax. Static marching is done by standing and keeping the balance at one position. Taping foot one after the other like marching in the count of 1-2;1-2, and so on.

7. Static Jogging:

This one is the faster mode of marching that can be done with alternate legs or hopping with both legs at a time.

8. Skipping With a Rope:

Skipping is the most common and best way to work out. Skipping ropes are available in the market. Start with 20 counts, then go on to 30, 50, and so on. But remember to increase the count gradually over a week.

9. Squat With a Hand Raise:

In this type of exercise, take the position of squatting with the elbow flexed in front of your body. Now raise and stretch your right hand and stretch back the leg of the same side while bending your left leg and hand. Repeat on the other side.

10. Scissors:

Lie on a yoga mat, now lift both your legs with hands placed at the side of the body with palm facing downward placed on the floor. You can support a pillow under the low back area. As you extend your legs up towards the ceiling, move the legs forward and backward in an alternate manner, like cutting a piece of cloth with a scissor.

11. Dance Aerobics:

If you have a small kid at home and it is challenging to make time for exercises, you can try aerobics with music on and do it with your kid. Kids find music exciting, so they can join you for a hip-shaking session without creating any disturbance. Enjoy your dance aerobics while losing weight and spending time with your child.

12. Plank:

Plank is yet another exercise that needs patience and needs to be done dedicatedly as it looks pretty tiresome for many. Simply lie on a yoga mat, holding up your body with support on elbows and toes, without allowing your whole body to touch the ground. Maintain this position for a count of 20 at the beginning, and then you can increase the count over time.

What Is the Role of Diet in Weight Maintenance?

What Is the Relationship Between Mental Well-Being and Weight Management?


Maintaining and losing weight does not always require a gym with heavy pieces of equipment. Instead, all it needs is grit and determination to achieve the goal. Focussing on a healthy and balanced diet, doing regular exercises, having a good amount of sleep, and sound mental health are needed for weight management.

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12 Mar 2022  -  5 min read




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