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Musculoskeletal Disorder Commonly Found in Homemakers

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Tanushree Agarwal
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Published on May 15, 2017 and last reviewed on Mar 17, 2022   -  2 min read


This article discusses scapular dyskinesis or SICK scapula, one of the cause of vague arm pain, especially seen in homemakers.

Musculoskeletal Disorder Commonly Found in Homemakers

Have you heard your mother complaining of a typical vague pain in her arm? There are many reasons behind it, but one of the commonest is Scapular Dyskinesis or SICK Scapula. This mimics many types of pain in the shoulder and neck. The scapulothoracic muscles are the group of muscles which form the most important musculoskeletal foundation for the upper quarter of the body. They are connected to the backbone, scapula (shoulder blade), and the humerus (arm), together they work in harmony with the scapulohumeral muscles to provide free movement of the arm. This harmony is called a scapulohumeral rhythm. Out of these scapulothoracic muscles, serratus anterior, middle trapezius, and lower trapezius are the major stabilizers of the scapula. Together, they keep the scapula, 30o to 45omedially rotated in a coronal plane, 10o to 20o anteriorly tipped in a vertical plane, and 10o to 20o elevated from the vertical plane. This typical positioning gives depth to the shoulder joint, and the optimum length-tension relationship of arm muscles, which improves their working efficiency.


  1. A prominent inferior angle of the scapula at rest.
  2. A prominent entire medial border of the scapula at rest.
  3. A prominent superior angle of the scapula at rest, with anterior displacement of the scapula.
  4. At rest, the symmetrical positioning of the scapula. While on movement, no scapular muscle control.


  • Overuse of the muscles in various fine and gross arm activities, which is required for most of the activities.
  • Rounded shoulders, due to heavy breast tissues.
  • Mental stresses, resulting in poor relaxation of muscles. So, they are constantly working.
  • Poor fluid or electrolyte levels in the body.
  • An inherent weakness of the scapular muscles.


  1. Take frequent breaks from work.
  2. Keep the shoulder blades tight.
  3. Stretch your spine backward, for at least 3 to 4 times a day.
  4. Avoid stooping forward.
  5. Keep a minimum fluid intake of 3 to 4 liters a day.


  • Focused exercises for serratus anterior, middle trapezius, and lower trapezius, like:
  1. Wall push-ups.
  2. Scapular retraction.
  3. T’s and Y’s exercises.
  4. Overhead shoulder extension.
  5. Pendular movement of the arms.

So dear moms, follow these simple daily lifestyle changes and enjoy your work in a healthy way.

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Last reviewed at:
17 Mar 2022  -  2 min read




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