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Difficulties Faced by a New Mom

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Published on Jan 07, 2019 and last reviewed on Apr 28, 2022   -  3 min read


A woman when becomes a mother for the first time, she has a lot of confusions and worries. This article is aimed to make mom worry-free.

Difficulties Faced by a New Mom

There are many questions usually running in the mind of a new mom. The most common worries are:

  1. Why is the infant crying?
  2. Why he/she is not sleeping?
  3. Why do not I understand what the baby wants to say?
  4. What to eat and what not to eat?

These are all common problems, and you do not need to worry about this. First of all, thank God for his gift, and nurture your child with love and positive thoughts.

Let Us Understand Few Facts and Worries:

  • Your baby is new to this world, so he/she will take some time to adjust.
  • Most babies have a common problem, which is infant colic. To avoid this, the mom has to strictly follow a healthy diet. Mom must avoid junk food because it does not have any nutritional value, and it will only satisfy your taste buds.
  • Do not consume cold things because it may cause cold and cough to the mommy and her baby.
  • Change in weather may trouble baby with cough, cold, diarrhea, fever, etc. Do not panic, take proper medicines and calm down. Complaints will subside as soon as the baby adapts to the new weather.
  • Eat 2 to 3 small pieces of ginger post lunch and dinner. It will help to reduce digestive complaints of baby and mommy.
  • Have plenty of milk with turmeric and ginger powder. Both ingredients will help to avoid cough, cold, and improve digestion.
  • Breastfeeding is most important for the baby because breast milk has antibiotic effects and immunity booster power, which keeps your baby healthy. Up to 6 months, exclusively breastfeed your baby. It also helps to reduce the mom's weight and increases the bond between the mom and her kid.
  • Avoid going outing with the baby. The baby cannot adjust to the new atmosphere very soon.
  • Wash the baby's toys at least once a week with warm water, so the toys are free from germs and dust.
  • Wipes baby’s gums after feeding because milk is sweet, so proper cleaning of gums help to avoid teeth caries, oral complaints, etc. You can use finger brush or soft muslin cotton cloth to wipe the gums.
  • Eat food of your heritage/culture, as it has all nutrients which are required for your baby.
  • Drink boiled water after delivery to prevent infections. You can add dill, cumin, ginger powder, Vakumba, and ajwain in boiling water to improve digestion, avoid cold and cough, and clearing of blood.
  • Fenugreek, coconut, and satavarex are best to improve the milk flow.
  • Wipe your nipples before feeding.
  • Think positive while feeding the baby because it affects the baby. Stop all bad or negative thoughts at least while you are feeding your baby.
  • If mommy gets health issues like cold, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, and depressed feeling during breastfeeding days, then she can take homeopathic treatment which will not harm baby's and mom's health.
  • Try to maintain the same time every day for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • If you are confused about massage oil, then choose plain coconut oil.
  • Try to avoid night bath and also avoid washing hair often.

A Few Essential Things About Weaning Period:

Weaning period is when the mother decreases breastfeeding and increases other food. In the weaning period, do not stop all feeding at a time. Skip breastfeeding gradually. For example, if you are feeding the baby four times a day, then reduce it to three times for a few days, and then reduce again to two times a day, then once a day and then stop. This way, you have the following health benefits.

  1. No milk congestion.
  2. No trouble for the kid to stop feeding.
  3. The kid will easily forget breastfeeding.
  4. The kid will not get irritated.
  5. No breast heaviness.

Be positive in the weaning period. Do not think when he will stop and do not make limitations to stop breastfeeding. Up to 1 and a half years, you can feed the baby. After this age, breastfeeding is not helpful for the baby to fill up the tummy. They need food for their hunger.

To conclude, spend time as much as you can with the baby. Choose motherhood over your career. It will create the best memories in your kid's mind. Your career will not be ruined if you are with your kid at home for a few of his initial years. Only in the initial years, the kid needs their mom. Once they grow up, they will do their work on their own. Give priority to your kid in compared to other household work. Few compromises of mom will help to keep the baby and mommy healthy. So enjoy the healthy motherhood with some lifestyle changes.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most difficult part of being a new mother?

The biggest challenge after becoming a new mom is the potential lack of time for her own sleep or to do any other task. The new moms are not able to give time to themselves and might suffer from postpartum depression as well.


What challenges are faced by a new mom?

The main challenges faced by a new mom include:
  - Breastfeeding the child can be tiring as well as challenging for her.
- Everyone around her expects her to be a super mom.
- They are sleep-deprived.
- They might suffer from postpartum depression.
- The romance with her husband suddenly vanishes.


Why is it so hard for new parents to deal with the newborn stage?

The newborn stage is the hardest for new parents because of the fact that there is a sudden change in the lifestyle of the parents, the overwhelming routine, the deprivation of sleep, and a shift in priorities.


What is the hardest part of being a parent?

The hardest part of parenting is when the child misbehaves with their parents and becomes disrespectful. They refuse to obey their parents, and it is then that the parents face the biggest challenge of making their children understand.


What do new parents really need?

New parents need:
- More sleep.
- Postpartum self-care kit.
- Kitchen help for meal preparation.
- Househelp for daily chores.
- Easy delivery of groceries.


Do babies get easier around 3 months?

Babies do get easy around 3 to 4 months once they begin to soothe themselves. The baby will begin to sleep for a longer stretch of time both during the day and night, and they will have a sleep schedule.


How can I make my life easy with a newborn?

- Take a nap when the baby sleeps. - Order a baby sling. - Do not overstress yourself because no one is perfect. - Try to clear your doubts at pediatrician appointments. - Keep baby nappy or diaper and clothes handy at all times. - Relax and make lists. - Do bulk cooking.


What are the self-care tips for mothers?

- Do some physical workouts to feel refreshed.
- Practice journal writing.
- Pamper yourself in a salon or at home in a hot water bath.
- Spend quality time with your friends.
- Do not forget to eat healthily besides worrying about your family’s nutrition.
- Watch some good shows on television to entertain yourself.
- Do yoga and meditation daily.


Do new moms suffer from postpartum depression?

Many new moms suffer from depression in the initial few weeks after childbirth because of hormonal changes. Most new mothers face mood swings like feeling anxious, gloomy, frustrated, fatigued, and crying frequently. However, gradually these feelings improve over a period of time.


Does giving birth to a baby change the woman?

Due to a constant change in female hormone levels throughout pregnancy and postpartum, women might experience certain mood swings. They may begin to feel and behave differently. The sudden reduction in estrogen, progesterone and other pregnancy hormone levels can lead to these baby blues. Their body also changes physically.

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28 Apr 2022  -  3 min read




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