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The full form of OCD is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It is a mental illness, where a person has recurring and uncontrollable thoughts or feels the urge to keep repeating an action. A few examples of OCD are repeatedly washing hands, fear of germs, rearranging things, and counting repeatedly.

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I have OCD. Can you guide me on the proper hand hygiene instructions?

Query: Hello doctor,I have had OCD about washing my hands for many years and have some doubts regarding hand washing.1. When we wash hands and have created lather on our hands, is the scrubbing more important or the contact time with soap more important?2. If the hands are visibly covered with a good lathe...  Read Full »

Dr. Lakshmi Priya

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Hand washing has seven steps. Please refer to the world health organization (WHO) guidelines for handwashing with soap and water. Both scrubbing and contact time are important. But do not wash hands very frequently unless exposed to contaminated areas. Otherwise, we ...  Read Full »

I have not been taking my antidepressant, and had a breakdown. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor,I have not been taking my antidepressants (Escitalopram), and I had a breakdown in front of my family who do not know anything about my depression, suicidal thoughts, and OCD. And I am currently locked in the bathroom and cannot stop crying, and I cannot see my therapist in a month. Kin...  Read Full »

Arooj Maqsood Ahmed Warraieh

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your present condition may be due to not taking medications, it aggravated. At first, take your dose and consult some other professional near you for drugs and help you from coming out of this phase. Besides, the problem you are facing cannot be hidden from close rel...  Read Full »

How to overcome compulsive sexual acts and thoughts?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 21-year-old male. My problem is, I am suffering from OCD of sex for the past five years. I am having sexual thoughts all the time and I make stories of doing sex with my teachers, sister, aunts, and girlish appearance boys. I all the time wants to discharge myself. I masturbate...  Read Full »

Mehwish Mursaleen

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I completely understand that you feel disturbed due to sexual thoughts and compulsive sexual acts.  Read Full »

Despite taking medication for OCD, I still feel sad. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I am suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) since last 10 years. Getting treated by a doctor with medicines. But I do not feel completely good. Many times I go into very sad mood. Please give me suggestions.  Read Full »

Arooj Maqsood Ahmed Warraieh

Answer: Hi, Thanks for writing to us. Your answer is as follows: OCD is manageable with the help of regular psychiatric and therapeutic work. Only medicines can never treat OCD, neither managed completely. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is paired with medical treatment to deal with obsessions and compu...  Read Full »

I have difficulty in focusing and understanding verbal instructions. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am female, 21 years of age and as weird as this sounds, I always feel like I am so overfocused that I cannot really focus. I am very slow when it comes to verbal communication, it is something I have struggled with ever since I was a child. So when someone is verbally giving me inst...  Read Full »

Dr. Meena. Parth Singh

Answer: Hi,Welcome to seems from the information you have provided that you might be suffering from an adult variant of attention deficit hyperactive disorder, inattention type. Do you also have symptoms like repetitive acts or rituals, urge to repeat words or images, repetitive handwashing o...  Read Full »

I am worried as I have OCD and it interferes with my day-to-day life. Please help me ease my fears normally.

Query: Hello doctor, I have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) which interferes with my regular day-to-day life. My boyfriend was at work today and had to clean up vomit. He was wearing gloves, did not get any on his clothes, and covered his mouth and nose with a paper towel, as well as washed his hands t...  Read Full »

Mehwish Mursaleen

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand that you feel concerned about the obsessive thoughts and fears regarding contamination.  Read Full »

I have problems seeing dirty things like toilet seats and dustbins, and constantly think about them. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, My problem is I can not see dirty things. After seeing such things as wet areas, dustbins, toilet seats, and dirty corners, I just feel like vomiting. And my mind constantly thinks about those things. When I close my eyes, I imagine dirty things like dirty wet areas, sinks, and washbas...  Read Full »

Dr. Meena. Parth Singh

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I thoroughly read your query and understand your concern. Based on the description of your complaints, I am of the opinion that you are suffering from a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The problem is characterized by 1. Obsessions: Repetitive intrusive thoug...  Read Full »

Due to OCD medications, I am facing erectile dysfunction. Is there any Siddha medicine available for this?

Query: Hello doctor, Due to OCD medicine Clofranil 50 mg, erectile dysfunction problem has raised, and subsequently, ejaculation is not happening. Is there any Siddha medicine available for this. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Arul Amuthan L

Answer: Hello,Welcome to are taking an allopathy drug Clofranil (Clomipramine). Few side effect of this drug is dry mouth, ejaculation failure, and difficulty in urination. Since these are the side effects of the Clofranil, nothing can be done. You can ask the neurologist or psychiatrist (wh...  Read Full »

I am an OCD patient and I am addicted to overthinking. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor,I am an OCD patient who tends to overthink and has become addicted to excessive thinking. Although I am currently taking medication, I am seeking additional methods to break this thinking addiction. My excessive thinking is not always related to myself, it extends to any topic, even tho...  Read Full »

Dr. Meena. Parth Singh

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understood your concern. First of all, I would like to inform you that Fluvoxamine (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) and Clomipramine (Tricyclic antidepressant) are the recommended drugs for OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). I am unsure...  Read Full »

I always wash my hands along with organizing, checking, and counting things. Do I have OCD?

Query: Hello doctor,I am an 18-year-old female and I think I might have OCD. I do not like touching things such as door knobs that could be contaminated. I like to wash my hands a lot. I also like to organize, check, and count things. If I hit my leg with my right hand accidentally, I have to touch it with...  Read Full »

Mehwish Mursaleen

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I appreciate the confidence you place in me for your healthcare consultation. I understand that you feel concerned about having symptoms of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). There is a difference between when you like to do something and when you get disturb...  Read Full »

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