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Why am I not interested in studies?

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Published At November 16, 2016
Reviewed AtJune 19, 2023

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

The first time, when I was in the hostel I acted like fainting. So, they took me to the hospital, and after checking my BP, the doctor said it was low. The next day, I got a very high fever and came home. Then after some days, I went hostel as I had kidney pain. I was brought here and had a scan. The report said that I have hydronephrosis. So, I joined as a day boarder. While studying I do not understand anything. I got a zero in mathematics and I informed my mom that I cannot understand anything. My mom asked me to practice, but I am not getting interested. My exams are getting near and I do not know anything. Whenever there is an exam, I am not going to college on that day. Sometimes, when I am alone, I feel something different in my body and I feel as if I am missing the past. When I see a situational scene or a song, I feel bad. I want to make my parents happy by seeing my marks. Please suggest to me some ways interest in studies.

Answered by Mehwish Mursaleen


Welcome to the icliniq.com.

I completely understand that you are feeling a lack of interest in studies and unable to focus on your studies.

Thank you.

The Probable causes

According to research, there can be various reasons behind the lack of interest in studies and low concentration. 1. It can be due to learning difficulties in children. 2. It can be due to negative past experiences such as failures, something negative related to the study environment, teachers, or fellows, or due to any other academic-related factors. 3. There might be psychological causes behind your lack of interest, avoiding exams, and getting affected by past memories.

Investigations to be done

You need to specify your age, level of study, and for how long you are experiencing these problems, both academic and emotional issues. You also need a psychological assessment of the symptoms you mentioned as feeling something different in your body, missing past experiences, and getting emotional by watching particular scenes or listening to songs.

Treatment plan

First of all, you need a complete psychological assessment by a clinical psychologist. It will include testing related to your academic problems and psychological issues like lack of interest, avoiding studying, negative past experiences, and unusual sensations in the body. You will get feedback on your assessment and then you will be better able to understand the reasons for your problem. On the basis of assessment results, your psychologist will recommend an appropriate treatment plan for your academic and emotional problems. Here, I am advising you on a relaxation exercise. You can do it before starting your study. Relaxation exercise helps to improve concentration. It also relaxes your mind and body out of stress and problems. Do a relaxation exercise or deep breathing to calm yourself and focus. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and focus on the air going in and out. Focus on your muscles from head to toe of your feet and relax every muscle. As your body gets completely relaxed, imagine something positive, and watch yourself studying and enjoying the material you are reading or writing. After your necessary adjustments open your eyes. Do this exercise every day.

Preventive measures

I appreciate you consulted for your problems at the initial stage. Do get your assessment done as soon as possible. Delay in the treatment or ignoring your symptoms may increase your problems.

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I cannot go to any psychiatrists, because my parents do not know any of this issue.

Answered by Mehwish Mursaleen


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

At this point in life, your career and personality development is very important. Adolescents generally feel a communication gap with their parents; therefore sometimes it is very difficult for them to share their problems with their parents. As you had mentioned that you shared with your mom about the problem and she suggested you do more practice. This is an indication that your mother is concerned about you. If you discuss with your mom that you have consulted online and got information about your problems, then she will be able to understand the nature of your problem in a better way. You can tell her that practicing mathematics has not solved your problem and you do not feel motivated to practice due to your past illness in a hostel, etc. Might be she would take you to the doctor herself and then you can tell that you need an assessment from a clinical psychologist because they assess academic problems as well as do personality assessments. Generally, parents are very much concerned about careers and the future of their kids, even more than what their kids think. Keep in mind that sharing your problems with your parents is the best way to take steps towards the resolution because now your parents and many others would start finding the solution and you are not alone in your problems. Secondly, if you get the courage to improve your communication with your parents, then this will go to your benefit. Neglecting your concerns and not getting help will be destructive only for you and no one else would be bothered. Now, the choice is yours if you want to take steps towards resolution or neglect it.

Thank you.

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Mehwish Mursaleen
Mehwish Mursaleen

Psychologist/ Counselor

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