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Foods To Lose Weight

Foods that are high in fiber and low in calories can help you achieve your weight-loss goals. Such foods include avocados, eggs, beans, salmon, fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grain, etc. By adding such food to your daily diet, you will find it easier to lose weight.

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I am a 37-year-old working man who wants to reduce my weight and belly fat. Please suggest a proper diet plan.

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 37-year-old working man. I sit and work for eight to nine hours a day, hardly getting up from my desk. I have been in this job for the past four years, and I have not been able to take care of my health. Now, my belly looks big, and I have gained weight. I occasionally drink alcoh...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq. I have gone through all your details and appreciate your concern. Dietary modifications and exercise are both necessary for good health. Exercise and a healthy diet have a positive impact on health, regardless of weight loss. Your sedentary lifestyle is the cause of abdomi...  Read Full »

I have two kids, and I weigh 176 pounds. I would like to reduce my weight. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I would like to reduce my weight. I am 32 years old, and my weight is around 176 pounds. My height is 5 feet and 5 inches and I have two kids. The elder one is three years old and the younger one is four months old. Please help.  Read Full »

Sanchari Majumder

Answer: Hi,Welcome to passion, commitment, and experience, I hope I will be able to provide you with a top-class medical opinion.Please refer to the following diet chart and I suggest you follow the same. Alternative foods are also mentioned below.Drink two glasses of water along with soake...  Read Full »

My 30-year-old son is struggling to lose weight. How to overcome it?

Query: Hello doctor,My son is thirty years old. He is five feet eight inches and weighs 290 pounds. He has been dealing with an obesity problem. Even after reducing his meal quantities, he is unable to lose weight. I would like to know of a diet plan that can help him lose weight. Kindly help  Read Full »

Sumiya Sulthana

Answer: Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. In his case I recommend that you seek a consultation over the phone and begin calorie tracking by eating nutritious meals.In addition, I require information in order to provide correct medical intervention and a specific food...  Read Full »

I have a query regarding weight loss. I came to know that organic green coffee beans help in weight loss. How far is this knowledge right?

Query: Hello doctor,I have a query regarding weight loss. I came to know that organic green coffee beans help in weight loss. How far is this knowledge right?  Read Full »

Sanchari Majumder

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. Yes, you can take organic green coffee beans for losing weight. But not only green coffee can lose weight. You should maintain a good diet chart with exercise. I give you a diet chart. please follow this. Alternative foo...  Read Full »

I weigh 220 lbs, but I hate broccoli and the western diet. Please suggest a diet plan for weight loss.

Query: Hi doctor, My weight is 220 lbs, and my height is 5.3 feet. I am planning to take a diet for weight reduction. Can you help me select a proper diet? I hate broccoli and Western diets. My friend reduced 19 lbs in 25 days by eating chapathi (flat bread), papaya, and 1.5 gallons of water. Please sugges...  Read Full »

Sanchari Majumder

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I thoroughly read your query and understand your concern. First, you should do a thyroid test. A proper diet with exercise helps you to lose weight. I suggest you a diet chart with alternative foods mentioned below: In the early morning, have one glass of water. Ta...  Read Full »

I am a 29-year-old women with PCOD. Can I reduce my weight with probiotics?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 29 years old woman with PCOD, and I have a body weight of 187 lbs. I plan to lose weight, and my dietician has suggested I take foods rich in probiotics. To reduce my weight rapidly, I also think of adding probiotic supplements. So, can you tell me some probiotic supplements to h...  Read Full »

Shakuntala Srivastava

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I want to know what you are taking as of now so I can suggest other than that. Probiotics alone do not work; they need prebiotics also. Some prebiotics is rice kanji (cooked rice soaked in water overnight in an earthen pot), curd, or buttermilk.  Read Full »

I am a 22-year-old male weighing 79 kg. Kindly guide me on ways to lose weight.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 22-year-old male with a height of 5.6 feet and a weight of 174 lbs. I am facing difficulty in reducing my weight. Also, my friends and relatives are making fun of me, making me lose self-confidence. Kindly guide me on ways to lose weight.  Read Full »

Sonal Jain

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern and would be happy to help. I suggest you follow the below diet plan: 7 AM - One glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey. 7:15 AM - Five soaked almonds and walnuts. 8 AM to 9:00 AM - Breakfast - one bowl of poha, upma, (Indian food va...  Read Full »

Kindly suggest exercises and a diet to lose weight.

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 23-year-old male with a weight of 216 lbs and a height of five feet. I have gained a weight of 39 lbs in this corona lockdown. I have 33 percent of fat, a bone mass of 7 lbs, and a muscle mass of 141 lbs. I gathered this information from the smart weighing scale. Last week, I walke...  Read Full »

Subha Ranjini B

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You seem to be overweight of 44 lbs according to your height. You can try to increase your exercise gradually. As you are young, you can lose weight faster. You can go walking in the evening for 45 minutes to one hour daily apart from your morning schedule. Regarding di...  Read Full »

Why are Clenbuterol and T3 not helping me lose weight?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 134 lbs now, and I have been taking Clenbuterol and T3 together to burn the fat, but I have not even reduced one kg until now. I have been working out only a little and following a proper ketogenic diet. What is the issue that the most potent medicine is not working for my body? Shou...  Read Full »

Subha Ranjini B

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You are overweight for your height by 15 lbs (attachments removed to protect the patient's identity). You are pretty young. If you follow a regular healthy diet with exercises, you can quickly lose weight. I do not advise a ketogenic diet for weight reduction. It may or...  Read Full »

Can I lose weight by eating only eggs for breakfast and lunch?

Query: Hello doctor, There is a diet to lose 22 lbs in 10 days where I have to eat three eggs at breakfast and three eggs at lunch and oats for dinner. So, I want to really do this diet. My question is, can I eat four or six eggs together at breakfast because I cannot have them later due to my schedule. Is...  Read Full »

Durga Kumari

Answer: Hello, Welcome to This is absolutely not a good way to lose 22 lbs in 10 days. It can create several health problems. So, I suggest you do not do this. The best rate would be to reduce 8 to 11 lbs in a month. About eating eggs, eating three to four eggs is ideal for weight management...  Read Full »

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