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Dr. Banwari Lal Bairwa
A 6-year-old kid presented in our emergency room with severe abdominal pain. USG abdomen showed intussusception. On exploration, we found Mackel's diverticulum with terminal ileum intussuscepted into the cecum and reaching up to hepatic flexor ... View thread »


Dr. Hussain Shabbir Kotawala
Paediatric urinary stones, posted by Dr. Hussain Shabbir Kotawala under Paediatric Surgery
Article on Paediatric Urinary stones in Pediritz..#PaediatricUrology #paediatricstonesurgery #laserlithotripsy #Laserpaediatricurology #scarlesssurgery #PainlessSurgery #childsurgery #PaediatricSurgery #RenalStone #bladderstones #ureterstones ... View thread »

Dr. Hussain Shabbir Kotawala
Open chest surgery in 1 year old Child, for thick Pus in chest with trapped lung (Advance stage of complicated Pneumonia) .. Thank you to entire team, @Dr Fazal nabi, @aslamdr @drsureshbabu sister shraddha,shreya,seena brother subhash ... View thread »

Dr. Hussain Shabbir Kotawala
Case of Ankyloglossia (Tongue-Tie). A 1-year-old child with difficulty in speech, tongue-tie present up to the tip of the tongue, could not protrude his tongue. Under general anesthesia, lingual frenuloplasty was performed, oral feeds started after 2 ... View thread »

Dr. V R Arvind
Varied Lymphoma presentation, posted by Dr. V R Arvind under Paediatric Surgery
10 month old infant with h/o bleeding per rectum for 3 hours. Intermittent pain abdomen, no vomiting or fever. O/E: vitals stable; abd soft and no mass palpable. USG showed transient colo-colic intussusception. Initially managed conservatively ... View thread »

Dr. V R Arvind
Residual PUV, posted by Dr. V R Arvind under Paediatric Surgery
16 months old male child apparently normal till 8 months of life. Developed a poor stream of urine, diagnosed, and operated for PUV. He was fine for 2 months. Then he developed a poor stream again, which is when he came to me. USG showed b/l gross ... View thread »

Dr. Albana Greca
Hello, I have this patient of 6 months of age with increasing umbilical hernia since 4 months old. The baby has a strong character and cries a lot. No pain when massaging the hernia. It enters inside when I massage, but it keeps growing. What do you ... View thread »


Dr. Hussain Shabbir Kotawala
Operated a 3-month-old baby with a congenital sacral sinus extending up to dura ie the track extending from the lower back to the inner spine). The sinus was excised with dural closure. There was no postoperative leak or neurological deficit. The ... View thread »



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