How a Disease Is Transmitted From Soul to Mind and Then to Our Body. (Homeopathy)

Richa Chaudhary., BHMS


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As we all know that our vital force is dynamic, so anything that is dynamic affects our soul basically. What affects our soul? As we all grow, we have some sensitivity like sensitivity to rudeness, sensitivity to criticisms, etc., so whenever this sensitivity hurts, we start to develop a thought process, which is dynamic, so we can say a dynamic process causes changes in a dynamic vital force. Here we can understand that whenever our sensitivity hurts (soul), we develop a certain conflict in our mind. We all know very well that our brain controls every system of our body, meaning our brain has control centers for them. This depends on the part of our brain involved in our emotions. So the part which gets hurt during emotions will produce the disease on our body, so here disease is projected on the body. For example, my sensitivity is that I am not able to tolerate hunger (my sensitivity), and I am a huge foodie. Whenever I see food, I develop a desire to eat it. Meaning, my mind thinks about it, and this signal reaches the digestive control system that food is coming and to start secreting enzymes so that it should be digested easily, and I feel hungry. So my digestive system starts secreting saliva and other enzymes.


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    Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
    Homeopathic Physician

    It is an individual reaction to particular stimulus. It individual reaction depends up on the constitution of the particular individual. It can be consider as physical general of particular individual.(Desires and aversions).

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    07.Dec, 01:28pm

    Dr. Vinod Kumar Atreya
    General Surgeon

    I think it is not as simple as you explained. We must be well versed with the soul, mind and body. Now comes the understanding of concepts of diseases and the transmission. A subject of research indeed.

    21.Dec, 06:28am

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