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Significance of Chanting Om in Yoga

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Om is the fundamental sound of the universe; by chanting it, one may tune into it and recognize connectivity with everything in the universe.

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Shakti Mishra

Published At June 23, 2023
Reviewed AtJune 23, 2023


The first sound of the cosmos is called Om. The chanting and symbol of Om are well known to most people since they have permeated the Western world since the counterculture of the 1960s. They can be heard in homes, yoga studios, temples, television programs, and movies. The underlying meaning of Om is deeply ingrained in Hindu philosophy, and to fully appreciate its profound implications, one needs to have a fundamental grasp of sound. Om represents the three fundamental aspects of the divine force, or Shakti: creation, preservation, and freedom. To the layperson, Om is associated with meditation, and for yoga practitioners, it is simply viewed as a doorway to peace.

What Is the Connection Between Chanting Om and Vibration?

Om is the universe's first vibration. This fundamental vibration can give rise to all other vibrations. The number of vibrations per second is the definition of frequency. All stuff vibrates at some frequency because it is made up of atomic particles that are constantly moving. Chanting Om causes it to vibrate at 432 Hz (Hertz), the same vibrational frequency that permeates all of nature. As Om or AUM is the fundamental sound of the cosmos, chanting acknowledges our connection to nature and all other living things metaphorically and literally.

Why Should One Concentrate on Om?

There is a wealth of research on how sound vibration affects a person's physical, emotional, and mental health. One may match the frequency with the original cosmic frequency by chanting Om, which is crucial for spiritual development. A person may spiritualize their existence by maintaining contact with the spiritual energy of the Absolute, just as an iron rod becomes as hot as fire when it comes into contact with its flames. Spiritual sound originates from Om, and this kind of music has the power to alter one's perceptions. Om chanting causes the mind to be in harmony with the breath, allowing one to enter samadhi, a highly heightened level of awareness. The process of achieving samadhi controls the mind's material aversion, allowing one to concentrate on achieving spiritual realization. The wonderful tree of spirituality can develop from the honest chanting of Om, just as a grand tree may be created from a little seed.

What Is Om’s Symbolism?

While most people are familiar with its sign, fewer are truly aware of what Om's graphic portrayal of curves, a crescent, and a dot means. Each feature of Om's visual appearance denotes a certain real situation. The broad bottom curve indicates the typical waking state. The mind identifies with the physical body and views the universe via the senses when this is the case. The top curve represents the unconscious or deep sleep stage. One is in a deep slumber without dreams, completely ignorant of the surroundings, and detached from physical and mental activity. The dream state is shown by the center curve (Swapna). Between the deep sleep and the waking state, the dream state is when a person explores their subconscious. As worries, aspirations, and wishes come true in a make-believe world, one's attention is drawn within.

The dot represents illumination. When one is in this condition, they are in harmony with the absolute and understand that spirit is the substance that unites all creation. The only way to reach this condition, transcending ordinary perception, is through a relationship with spiritual energy. The illusion known as Maya connects a person's soul to the physical world. Maya, which divides the dot from the three curves, is symbolized by the crescent. One can overcome the three arcs of material consciousness and reach the dot of enlightenment by reciting the sacred sound, Om.

What Advantages Does Chanting Om Possess?

The Advantages of chanting Om include:

  • To chant Om, one must sit upright with the back straight, which is excellent for the spine. Om chanting creates a vibration that is beneficial for the spinal cord.

  • It is also said that chanting Om produces a sound that is good for the thyroid gland.

  • Another popular cure for stomach aches is Om chanting. Numerous studies indicate that the chant helps to calm the stomach. Om is said to be extremely healthy for both the stomach and overall wellness.

  • Om helps to connect with the inner self and soothes the mind. They feel much tranquility as a result. Increasing tolerance aids in the control of anger.

  • Om soothes the mind and encourages communication with the inner self. It provides a tremendous deal of tranquility. Increasing the degree of tolerance aids in the control of anger. One may also attract good vibes into the body by chanting the Om.

  • Om chanting keeps one looking young for longer. It cleanses the body of dangerous pollutants, maintains it clean, and detoxifies it.

  • One may better manage emotions via chanting and meditation, enabling one to think clearly and rationally about events.

  • Chanting Om will give one a better understanding of the emotions if people struggle with emotional imbalance. It enables them to think clearly and maintain emotional equilibrium.

  • When performed correctly, Om chanting can enhance lung function in healthy people.

  • In addition to traditional care, chanting the Om is a safer technique for managing blood pressure and enhancing patients' lipid profiles.

How to Genuinely Chant Om?

Although there are no strict guidelines for chanting Om, learning the basic methods of how to do so will help lay the groundwork for a stronger relationship with God. Om, which starts in the solar plexus, has four syllables and is properly pronounced as AUM. Choosing an area where one can concentrate without getting distracted is best.

Starting with the letter "A," continuing with the letter "U" as it moves through the chakras, and ending with the letter "M" as the breath is ready to expire, continue chanting while maintaining a straight back. Generally, the best way to genuinely benefit from the meditation practice is to chant for at least 15 minutes in a strong but not loud voice.


Om enables everybody to distinguish the time of the practice from the rest of daily life, denoting that it is a holy period during which one should exercise mindfulness and self-care. Om establishes a more profound spiritual connection between oneself and yoga practice that extends beyond the asanas. Om might not be a component of particular yoga, but it is in many others. If the instructor asks the class to chant Om, but it is not a part of the practice, just sit in silence and meditate while everyone else raises their vibration. Please be kind and refrain from entering or leaving the room during the chanting if anyone is running late for a yoga session.

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